10 Home Security Issues You Didn’t Know You Had

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Home SecurityYou have a latch, a deadbolt and secure lock on all doors in the house. When you go out, the alarm is always set, locks double checked and ground floor windows are shut. You even leave a light on to create the illusion that someone is at home. Your house must be secure from any threat, right? You may think so.

Unfortunately burglars will take advantage of any little slip and have a gift for detecting any form of vulnerability that could leave you and your property at risk to theft. Some security risks are so unobvious that they don’t even cross your mind; these tend to be the exact hidden risks that can result in a break-in.

Solid, Secure Locks Aren’t Everything

It’s fine to say that because a door or window has a locking system that your house is secured. However, it is all too easy to forget just how important the frames of these entry points can also be in terms of vulnerability.

Should a frame (particularly a wooden one) be weak or starting to rot, one application of pressure could mean the whole mechanism shatters – leaving a clear entrance to your home. Similarly, you should bear in mind that garage doors need to be just as secure as main entrances, especially if it presents a clear path into the main body of the house.

Not Just Ground Floor Windows

Ensuring that easily accessible ground floor windows are shut and well reinforced is widely acknowledged as being an essential home security tip but don’t forget the risks that an upper floor window could also present.

You may think that leaving a first floor window open on a sunny day will cause no harm but all it takes is forgetting to put away that ladder you were using in the garden and you have presented that would-be burglar with a perfect entrance to your property. Likewise, watch out for easy to climb trees positioned close to the house, which could provide access to an upper floor.

The All-Too-Easy-To-Overlook Security Problems

It may seem blindingly obvious but the amount of people who leave a key ‘hidden’ behind a plant pot might surprise you.Burglars are very aware that sometimes people want to have a back-up key and can take full advantage of this!

Equally, don’t leave keys hanging from the lock inside the house. With the right ‘skills’ and some wire, fishing around inside the letterbox can leave your key in the hands of a thief. To avoid this, ensure that the letterbox is no closer than 400mm to the lock; the larger distance should massively reduce the risk of this happening to you.

Exterior Issues: Think Outside The Box

Often people forget or overlook the issues caused by a poorly secured exterior building such as a shed, often with devastating consequences.  Thousands of pounds of goods such as lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and bicycles are often stored in outbuildings; not to mention the fact that gardening tools such as spades can be used to smash a window to gain access.

Furthermore, if you live in a flat or apartment block, you should also consider the security of the entrance. Always use an intercom to verify visitors’ identities and make sure doors and entry points to communal areas are just as secure as those to your actual flat. Security of your apartment can be easily put at risk by slack exterior defences.

Home security can be a minefield to negotiate but, if you follow these steps and remain alert, you should significantly reduce your risk of a break in or burglary.