3 Questions You Must Ask A Professional Drain Unblocking Company Before You Hire Them

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Professional drainage services providers aren’t same as those individual self-claimed plumbers. These companies are actually established businesses with latest drain repair, drain relining, drain unblocking and drainage installation technology. Whether the blockage is real stubborn or easy to break apart, these professional blocked drain repair companies can clear any complex drainage problem in minimal time and minimal inconvenience.

Regardless of the fact whether you are a residential property owner or a commercial business, blocked drainage can cause a lot of troubles and losses, if not dealt with in time in the most effective manner. Never ignore any tell-tale signs of blocked drain such as slow running water, awful smell or gurgling sound.

When not cleared, a small clog will continue growing and eventually cause catastrophic damage to your drainage system making the worst nightmare a reality. So, now you know that you cannot afford to hire a wrong repair person for your blocked drainage.  An unskilled or amateur drainage professional can end up doing more damage to your clogged drain instead of fixing them.

However, choosing a right drainage specialist isn’t as easy as it may seem to you. Nowadays there are so many companies out there which provide drainage services and you can easily go for the best one. But not all can ensure quality workmanship and competitive price. Well, to make your selection process easier, we have got you a list of 3 questions you must ask your shortlisted drainage companies before you hire one.

3 basic questions you should ask a drainage services provider before hiring them

Are They a Licensed Or Registered Firm?

The first and foremost thing you need to determine about the drainage services provider is whether or not they are an authorised company. Are they having a license for the trade or registered with the local authorised body? If they are a licensed drainage company, you are assured that the company adheres to the safety and quality guidelines of the drainage industry. However, if they do not have a valid license you should not commit the mistake of hiring their services.

Are They Fully Experienced And How Long They Have Been Rendering Drainage Services In The Area?

The second most important thing is to check if the drainage company is insured. Insurance coverage adds to the trustworthiness of the company. Next thing to check is their total years of experience in drainage unblocking and other drainage services. The more relevant experience they have, the more knowledge they have about diverse drain blockage issues and how to fix them in the most efficient manner.  On the other hand, inexperienced drainage professionals can ruin your problem further by using improper tools and techniques. There are chances that they may end up damaging your pipes by applying unwanted pressure in inappropriate places. Therefore, it is always better to take the support of highly experienced and skilled drainage professionals in order to fix your problem accurately.

Does The Company Charge For Providing An Estimate?

Find out if the drainage company you intend to hire for your blocked drain repair charges for drainage inspection too.  Learn if they provide a no obligate price quote first. And get to know if there are any additional charges. Avoid the traps of cheapest services that rip you off with hidden charges and substandard service. It is a good idea to request estimated price from 4-5 different drainage companies. But don’t make your decision solely based on the service charge. In other words, considering the fact that, businesses across the world want’s to make more and more money quickly, you have to be especially cautious about whether the company is charging a fair price from you or not.

Ask these most basic questions to your shortlisted drainage specialists and you sure will be able to pick a right company for your blocked drain repair. However, if they fail to give the kind of answers you are expecting from them, then it’s better to look for others, who can satisfy your requirements.

The golden rule is to do your homework and try to know as much as you can about their expertise, reliability and experience in the niche before you hire them.