4 Tips For Making A Great Impression In An Interview

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InterviewThe process of getting a new or better job tends to boil down to one key and crucial event; the interview. This is because when the time comes to present yourself, your skills and your personality to a potential employer you want to make sure you have planned accordingly and know the best ways to make that interview work in your favor. It is far too common for one to be unprepared for an interview and to lose what could have been the career boost they have been seeking. You can use a few key tips to make that great interview impression and truly impress your new employer.

Dress the Part

It is important to look the part for the job or position you are applying for and thus you need to dress as if you already had the job. This means that if you are applying for a job in sales you want to have on a suit and tie for men or pants suit or skirt for women. You want shoes, hair, makeup, accessory items and even nails to be clean, polished and presentable. Your first impression really is the one that sticks so you only have those first few steps as you enter the interview room to make that impression truly count.

Paperwork That Is On Hand

You may feel that since you have been called in for an interview you no longer need to cart around your resume or copies of your reference letters, awards or certifications. This is not the best way to approach an interview. You will come across as being highly organized when you have a folder ready and on the table as soon as the interview starts. Having those copies on hand will save the interviewer for digging around their file for them and you help present yourself as being highly efficient and reliable.

Being Fashionably Early

The need to be on time for an interview may seem to be common sense, but, you want to be early on the day of that all-important interview. You want to arrive almost thirty minutes in advance because some firms have security measures in place, slow elevators that you need to wait on or even a process of checking in visitors. You can save yourself the embarrassment of being late by hitting the road early, allowing extra travel time for traffic and getting to the facility far enough in advance there is no chance you will be late.

Proper Speech

The one thing to also keep in mind is to speak in a clear and strong voice. You want to be seen as being professional so you should and must use proper grammar, avoid slang and foul language and always wait for the interviewer to finish speaking before answering questions. Those little things do make a major difference.

The interview process of securing a position is stressful for many who do not know how to handle the situation. If you go in well prepared, relaxed, rested and confident you will be able to make that all important interview count and thus get that dream job you have been searching for and dreaming about.