5 Great Garden Projects For The Summer

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A garden should not only be a place where you can go to relax, it should also be a place where you can throw parties; it should be a multipurpose area to suit your needs. That may sound ambitious but it’s certainly achievable, and it isn’t actually too difficult to achieve through some creative thinking and innovative ideas…you’ll find a few of those below.


It’s summer, so that means flowers have bloomed, and gardens are rich and colourful. You can plant more flowers that are suited to grow this season, tend to existing flowers and weed the garden. Don’t scoff, it’s surprisingly therapeutic, and you’ll be spending time in the sun. Just be sure to stock up on hay fever tablets and check the pollen count if you’re given to fits of sneezing just by leaving the house some days!

Making A Patio

Making a patio can add character to your garden, and it’s practical too. It can accommodate a seating area, provide a great space for dining outdoors (weather permitting) and can make the garden easier to maintain by reducing the amount of lawn that requires tending. You can hire a builder to install the patio, but when that’s out of the way, you can pick out patio furniture and indulge in a spot of exterior design. You could even get the kids involved in finding the best furniture bargains and deals. Ease their boredom and ease your wallet – it’s a win-win.

Branching Out

I could’ve devoted this paragraph to tree houses, or other specific ways to use trees, but there are so many potential projects involving the tree in your garden. No, seriously – think back to your childhood, when a tree could satisfy any wild flight of fantasy, like being a pirate, climbing to the top and looking out from the imagined crow’s nest.  Nail some planks securely to a tree to make it easier to climb, or use some rope and a spare tire to create a swing. You’ll have an inexpensive project and your kids will have a new space to play and let their imaginations run wild.


Most people have an area in the garden that hasn’t been used to its full potential, like a statue or a seating area that has been neglected over the years. You could either rejuvenate these features with some landscaping or reinvent the space entirely; a weathered seating area could become a great little reading nook. One past project of mine was to take a rundown area in my garden and build a mosaic there from the pebbles I collected from the beach. Perfect if you’re going to the beach this summer!

An Outdoor Room/Conservatory

In the likely event that the weather does not cooperate this summer, an outdoor room or conservatory is great for giving the illusion of being outdoors! You can furnish it any way you want –  it can be a writing area, a relaxation area, a gym, anything you desire. However you use it, it will allow you to draw inspiration from the great outdoors. If you’re thinking of installing an outbuilding of any sort in your garden, check out this handy planning permission infographic to see if you’ll need planning permission for your structure.

Why not try one or more of these projects this summer? Perfect for those lazy days when you have nothing to do, and once you’re done, you can enjoy basking in your beautiful garden on other lazy summer days. Are you inspired by any of these ideas, or are you embarking on any other kind of garden project this summer? Let me know in the comments!