5 Important Things Homeowners Tend To Forget While Hiring Cleaning Services

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Cleaning ServicesGiven the current lifestyle we’ve all been thrown into, most of us hardly have any time to even swallow our food well. So quite obviously, when the essentials alone are pressed for time, something like household cleanliness and hygiene certainly takes a backseat. But thank heavens for outsourced services, life has become easier and house cleaner. But, before you pounce on the opportunity, here are five basic things that you need to keep in mind; things that no one will tell you.

1)   You’re not doing anyone a favor

If you’re that kind of person who wears that sense of self-entitlement like an invisible crown, you might want to take it off and flush it down the drains before the cleaner arrives. A lot of “privileged” people we know think that they’re doing the house cleaner a huge favor by just letting them on the property. And that, somewhat plays a huge role in their attitude. Now, if you put it in perspective, you’ll understand better, who’s doing whom a favor.  So yes, appreciate the fact that someone is actually making your life a lot easier and house a lot cleaner. You may be paying them, but then again, what if no one ever accepted?

2)   There are eco-friendly substitutes

Yes, we understand your need to have a super-hygienic and sparkling clean home, which in turn explains your need to use the strongest cleaning agents. But, can we please have some concern and thought for the household’s health, and more importantly, for the environment? As long as the concept of eco-friendly exists, it can and should substitute the conventional things. Your house cleaner will suggest the same. It’s a wise and educated choice, especially when you know that the substitute is just as effective, but healthier.

3)   The maid’s not your therapist

She acts interested and smiles graciously every time you talk to her. There’s a word for that: Polite. Do not turn her into your therapist, gossip buddy, Agony Aunt or personal diary. On your part, it is very insensitive and immature, because on any given day you still have a lot more than she could ever ask for. To her, it won’t make sense why you’re perpetually whiny. On her part, it acts as a roadblock in what would’ve otherwise been an efficient and quick job. Moreover, boundaries, please?

4)   Ask for the same cleaner

For the right reasons and purposes, like that of household cleanliness, consistency is always good. So, always ask for the same cleaner; don’t worry about the quality, you’ll always find the good ones. Moreover, once you have a trusty (and impressive) cleaner to do the job, you save everyone involved the trouble of going over the whole explanatory part of the task. They know exactly what you need and how you need it. Moreover, this also ensures that there are lesser strangers entering and surveying your property, so it’s always a safer bet.

5)   Refer and recommend

It’s always nice to return a nice service with some niceness. We’re pretty sure you’re not the only person in the neighborhood or among your friends who needs cleaners. Just drop the word and watch the queue unfold. Therefore, if you’ve availed (or are availing) of a service and are extremely satisfied, do spread the word. It always manages to get you discounts or additional benefits or complementary services- stuff that you obviously deserve. But, only if you ask nicely.

You know how awesome this service is, so, don’t whine, bicker or act prissy. And most importantly, don’t get judgy. Make the smart choices, do the right things and the rest is taken care of.