5 Lessons In Home Improvement Every Homeowner Needs To Learn

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HomeownerThe home is like a canvas to most of us. It makes us want to unleash our long suppressed artistic bend. After all, who doesn’t want their home to reflect their personal style; something that’s inimitably’you’? However, at the end of the day, it is still a home, one that at its heart isn’t too different from other homes. It’s going to serve the same purpose and have the same problems. This is why, all homeowners need a quick course to some really important lessons, which help them have some peace of mind as well as a home that’s looking good for years and years to come.

Don’t delay

This is the most basic rule, and yet the most overlooked. So much so that, these words should be engraved in stone and fixed as a cornerstone. Be it, a leaky pipe or worn out insulation, timely fixes will go a long way in saving you precious money and a huge catastrophe. It is disturbingly surprising how something as trivial as tiny patch in the walls can bloat into a very perilous situation, if you don’t pay heed right at the beginning. Moreover, why would you want to spend five weeks on a problem, when it can easily be sorted in a matter of five hours?

Stick to the budget

This is not much of problem in the small fixes. But, when it comes to the major or moderate projects, it is way too easy to get carried away. We tend to think that since we’re anyway spending quite a decent sum on the current renovation, might as well push it over the top a little. And this is exactly where your downfall begins. Stick to your budget, no matter how tempted you are. You’ll always hear the contractor try to sell an additional product or promote added home-renovations that you may not need. But, you obviously know better.

Have a backup

Home improvement projects leave a whole lot of open ground for Murphy’s Law to happen in full force. This is what makes a backup plan ever-important. Always have contingency funds setup specifically for home improvements. Also, if you’re looking for a contractor for the first time, you might want to have at least three contacts as backup. You know, just in case. Because, when it comes to the beloved roof on top of your head, you don’t want to get adventurous.

Don’t interrupt

A lot of homeowners just want to be involved in every single aspect of the home renovation. While we understand that’s important, constantly bombarding the contractor, workers, technicians etc. with questions and trying to tell them how they should do it, isn’t such a smart thing to do. One of the reasons the professionals do what they do, is because they’re good at it. Having you constantly breathing down their necks is just going to affect the quality of work. Sometimes, you just have let the professional take the wheel. In the meantime, you can learn this thing called passive participation, where you just stand back and silently observe.

Let go

Every home has an emotional value that no price tag can match. This pretty much explains why most homeowners cling to the house or its belongings, even if it’s on the precipice of disaster. That; and the fact that the idea of finding a new house or demolishing a major part of it is just too scary. Fixing what should actually be thrown away only does more harm than good. Just one quick scan around the house and you’ll realize how many things are there, that you either no longer need or are way past their prime. And this is something hardly any builder or contractor will tell you. But, you already know it, don’t you?

Home improvement may not be child’s play, but it isn’t some scientific quest to world domination either. Just keep an open mind and open eyes. And of course, listen- to the professionals as well as your home.