5 Reasons Why You’d Be Crazy To Want A Flying Car

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Flying CarFlying cars sound like fun, but they are not practicable. I’m going to explain to people why they might not be such a good idea.

If you were born a hundred years ago you probably wouldn’t have had a car. If you wanted to get around you would be stuck with your horse and cart. We have come a long way since then and a huge majority of us drive around in vehicles our ancestors could only dream of. Because technology is progressing so fast it won’t be long before everyone is flying around in a car.

If you had the option of buying one do you think you would take it? You might say yes straight away, but if you think about it carefully you might change your mind. Let’s look at some of the reasons why flying your car to the supermarket might not be such a great idea. Hopefully you agree with these reasons because it’s unlikely most of us will still be around when they land on the market anyway.

People are afraid of heights

When you fly in an airplane it’s not like you have to do much. You just need to walk inside and strap yourself into your seat. If you were to pilot a flying car it would be completely different because you would be the one in complete control. If you were afraid of heights you might freeze as soon as you thought something was wrong. Most people won’t like to admit it but they’re scared of bungee jumping and sky diving, so they will be afraid of piloting a flying car.

Everything must come down

Eventually you are going to come back down to the earth. If everything is looking good you don’t have anything to worry about, but if there is something wrong with your flying car there is only one thing that is going to happen. You’re going to crash and burn into a field somewhere. Things go wrong with your car all the time and it’s usually okay because you can pull over to the side of the road, but it’s a bit more difficult when you’re soaring through the air.

You won’t be able to afford one

Whenever anything new is released it always comes with an inflated price tag. That means the only people who will be able to afford a flying car are the ones with lots of money. How long did it take before cars became really popular after they were invented? Another thing you won’t be able to afford is the jet fuel. Nobody else will be able to afford it either and you can tell because everybody kicks up a fuss when the price of gas increases by one or two cents.

It might be too hard

It’s been a long time since you sat your driving test, but do you remember how difficult it was. Some people are naturals and they are so comfortable within a few hours of learning how to drive, but the majority of us struggle in the beginning. Do you really want to sit a test all over again? You also have to remember that a flying test is a hundred times more difficult than a normal driving test which is why we’re not all pilots.

The weather will get in the way

Normal airplanes have a big advantage when they are in the sky because they are very heavy. It will have to be very windy to knock an Airbus out of the sky, but the same can’t be said for a small vehicle. A big gush of wind can nearly blow you off the road when you’re wheels are on the ground, so it will probably knock you into next week if you’re in the sky. The only way we will be able to fly our cars to work is if we learn how to control the weather.