5 Step Recipe For Home Made Pizza

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Home Made PizzaIt is clear that we don’t have to go out of our way to convince you that pizza is a great food. Your kids love it and you are probably enjoying eating it with them. Not to forget all those times when you are celebrating get-together with friends, and when you have a sudden appearance from guests. Pizza is the food of choice when you want something fulfilling and fast.

Of course, most people associate pizzas to the dozens of pizza outlets and the excellent delivery that they come with. It is one thing to order a pizza of choice for your kids and it is entirely another story to actually make pizza in your own kitchen. Making pizza at home is surprisingly simple and you can use the kitchen equipment and ingredients that were already in your home to make your own home pizza.

We would not recommend that you try to serve your family and friends on your first attempt but try and follow the recipe given here and see if you get somewhere. With enough practice and routine, you will be making pizzas that rival pizza outlet in grandeur and taste in no time.

Dough And Toppings

Before we get down to the actual steps of preparing your first home pizza, we need to let you know the main parts of the pizza. Pizza is made of only two parts – dough and toppings. The dough is made of wheat and toppings are made of, well, a lot of things. You arrange toppings on the dough and then bake it, and hello, we have your pizza. If this makes you think about all those different types of pizzas you have eaten and how different all of them tasted, then be ready to be surprised.

They all use the same technique. They taste so different because minor variations in the baking duration, temperature and the combination of spices, vegetables and other toppings used, result in a unique taste. This should also tell you all there is to know about making pizzas. The basic recipe in front of you is just the beginning. Once you get the hang of this basic recipe, you can spend months if not years learning how to make a variety of toppings, many of which may never be sold in your local pizza outlet.

Making The Dough

You have decided to make your own home pizza and you also know about what makes a pizza. To get started, you will need some ingredients.

We will begin with the dough. To make the dough you will need wheat flour, about three and half cups. Along with that you will also need water, of course. During the preparation, you will be mixing salt, sugar, olive oil to prepare the final dough. There are two ways to make dough. You can make the dough with your hands or you can use one of those dough making machines. Either way, ensure that you add water gradually to end up with soft dough.

Once the dough is finished, wrap it up in wrapping layer smeared with olive oil and keep it that way for a few hours.

Making The Toppings

We have mentioned before that you can make toppings out of almost anything. For now, we are going to stick to the basic, simple ways to prepare toppings. Our choice of toppings for now is cheese, mushrooms, onions and some sausage. Sausage is something you would have prepared ahead of time and the remaining ingredients are cut into small pieces, just like you see on pizza pictures.

With the dough and topping ingredients ready to go, the next thing to do is to make round balls of dough.  Working with one dough ball at a time, flatten the dough to form the crust to resemble the thickness of pizza crust. Load up the crust’s surface with sauce, cheese, sausage and other toppings that you have prepared. Bake the dough with toppings in the baking oven for about ten to fifteen minutes and serve two.

There is always a decent amount of chance that the pizza may not turn out just the way you want, at least initially. That is why you still need to keep your local pizza outlet as your backup plan. It is better if that outlet has a great range of pizzas and allows ordering over the internet.