5 Ways to Find Cheap Materials for Your Woodworking Projects

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While woodworking is fun and exciting, it can be a rather expensive passion. You don’t necessarily need to wait until that next paycheck to get those things you need in order to calm that artist in you.

The materials you are going to need will depend on the type of woodworking project you want to tackle. Once you have decided on that, there are a few tips you can use that will help lessen your “pocket damage.”

Here, we are going to talk about 5 of them that you may want to consider. I have used all five of these tips and have come out smiling.

Shop The Yard

This is the most inexpensive way of all. Take into consideration where wood comes from. It is not that difficult to walk right outside and find some of the materials you might want to use. Try your own back yard or maybe a nearby park for that perfect piece of wood. You might be surprised what you will find.

While it will be in raw form, in most cases, there’s nothing a good sanding can’t fix. You might find, while using this method, you may even be inspired into a different direction than you’d originally intended.

A piece might catch your eye that sparks creativity on a whole other level … and it’s free.

The Nearby Lumber Yard

You can find an assortment of spare wood pieces at a nearby lumber yard. The pieces you will find here will be in many shapes and sizes, offering many different possibilities for your woodworking creativity. Some of them may also already be cut into rounds of different sizes, if that is what you are looking for.

Usually, you can walk right in and plunder through the scraps however, if you are going to try this tip out, you may want to let the staff know what you are doing. This will cause less confusion and may even get you directed toward the better spare wood pieces.

These pieces are usually scrapped, making this another cost-free way of gathering some good woodworking materials.

Online Auction Stalking

If you are looking for a specific tool or type of wood to work with, a fantastic way to get a great deal is to check with some of your online auctions. When an item is being auctioned off, it will go to the highest bidder once the auction ends. This tip requires some patience and attention.

Find the item you are interested in, whether it is a particular pyrography pen, wood burning tips, a particular round or even a set of wood carving knives, then locate the “auction ending” time.

Make note of the remaining time that item has left and if the last bid is a decent price, (you will find a lot of current bids are far lower than any store) place your bid for a few cents higher.

You will then want to keep an eye on the item. If the material’s auction ends in thirty minutes, begin your stalking with about five minutes to spare. You will notice, by using refresh on your computer or laptop, if someone has bid against you.

If they have and you are willing to go higher, wait until the last few seconds to place your next bid and will usually win the item. This method is not guaranteed because there may be times that you come out empty handed.

It is fun to try, though, and when you do win, you usually get your woodworking material for far less than you could ever find it anywhere else.

Online Shop & Compare

A lot of inexpensive woodworking materials can be found and bargain prices if you shop and compare online.

Use your Google search to type in the type of woodworking material you are after you hit “enter” choose “shopping” from the list at the top to specify your search type. This will bring up your item, prices and several different locations that sell it. Make sure you use your “show all results” option so you can see each place offering your item rather than just the top few that are automatically generated.

Be sure to take your search to eBay, as well, where you can find individuals who may be selling your desired material in “gently used” condition for “must go” prices.

Local Flea Market

Don’t forget about utilizing your local flea market. Plenty of woodworking materials can be obtained during a good browsing session here.

Some of the items you find may be used but a number of them will be new. Things like electric sanders, jigsaws, carving knives or spoons, wood-burning starter kits, chisels, stain, varnish and paint can often be found at affordable prices.

Other things you may find at a steal are some of the safety items that you might use while working on your project, such as; safety glasses, respirators, sand paper or gloves.

We all have our hobbies that we are passionate about. While some of them are more expensive than others, you don’t have to let this put the brakes on your creativity.

Any one of these 5 tips for getting your hands on those woodworking materials when your dollars are thin can help satisfy that artist in you. Try them out, because there’s absolutely no rule that says you can’t mix thrifty with crafty.