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6 Ways Your Internet Service And Network Are Hurting Your Marketing Strategy

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Marketing StrategyRemember this basic thing: Marketing includes a lot of business related operations. It is not just social media, advertising and handing out flyers and business cards. You could even argue that marketing consists of anything that projects a positive image of your core business to an audience of all outside observers and customers. By this logic, let’s get down to exactly how inadequate internet and network systems around your business can directly impact your image, and by extension your marketing.

1. Low Quality Video Meetings

Let’s say that your business depends frequently on the use of video meetings to clients, customers and potential sales leads that you want to convince into buying. Well, if this is the case, then the impact of a low quality network and internet service from your end of the connection will directly affect the quality of your meetings, possibly enough to drastically reduce potential sales and, even worse, your professional image as a company that invests in vital resources.

To fix the problem, the solution you need to involve making sure that you’re using high quality video calling equipment, HD cameras and high end audio systems, but more importantly still, you will also need to invest in high quality business internet if these video meetings are a frequent part of your business and promotion work.

2. Webinars

Webinars and web conferencing are a major part of many online marketing strategies and their importance –not to mention potential for generating massive upsurges of sudden sales—should not be overlooked. In essence, acting like a sort of digital version of a hotel conference room seminars, webinars are a much more economical alternative to making a marketing or sales pitch at large signed in audiences; ideally, they are held as live online events.

However, in order to make these webinars work effectively and fluidly, you will absolutely need a powerful business class web connection that can not only handle the data transfer of so much streamed video and audio but can also handle a potentially large audience tuning in simultaneously.

3. Traffic Overflows

If your marketing strategy turns out to be a wild success and results in dramatic upsurges in inbound site visits, you might be in trouble if your network servers aren’t properly equipped to handle the resulting traffic overflow. This can lead to site crashes, server failures and unavailable pages. You will be literally damaging your reputation and ruining your marketing payoff because of its own success.

Unless of course, you actually make sure that your connection to your servers, your servers themselves and your site hosting are all ready for large visitor volumes right from square one.

4. Transferring Information and Services to Customers

All of the services, digital products and downloadable information that you give to your clients through whichever medium will have to originally come from a locally hosted medium such as your own business computers or servers. In order to then transfer these customer related media to the customers themselves, you’ll either have to move data to your site itself or to a public access cloud storage that you’re making available to the public.

In either case, the data transfer itself, right from your own domestic network, will absolutely depend on a fast internet connection in order to be effective, and if you want to respond quickly in whatever possible customer service or product delivery situation your marketing might lead to, then your best bet is to build a robust internal business network, make the use of high level business class hosting servers and connect to them over a high end business internet connection.

5. Social Interaction Interruptions

If you’re running a high intensity marketing campaign through the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, then you’ll need to make sure that either you or your staff are ready to respond and communicate with the fans you’re developing on a constant basis. By relying on a low quality, slow internet connection, you’ll be unable to fulfill this need and, although it won’t necessarily be a catastrophe, it could in some situations lead to fairly serious marketing fails on your part.

6. Failing to be On the Ball in General

As a general rule of marketing, you need to be as close to 100% up to speed on everything your diverse campaign is resulting in on a daily basis. This means being able to quickly connect, quickly respond and quickly communicate across a diverse range of digital media at sometimes very random and intensive moments that are hard to predict in advance.

The only way to come as close as possible to assuring this for yourself is by making sure that your internet, servers, network and hosting are all business class.