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TECHNOLOGYSmart career management requires you to keep your eyes on the trends. As the world is doing progress very fast in every field, it is the need of the hour to know what is going on around the world. New technology, business practices, laws or changes in the global economy create needs for new or evolving occupations and career specialties. Sometimes, these emerging careers emerge out as a result of linking of two or more fields of expertise such as nursing and computer science. So, it is very important for us to know about where world is moving and what are the new trends.
Some of the evolving trends in technology are as follow:

  1. Mobile Application Development

This is the emerging trend in the field of information technology. Mobile phones have now been pervaded the world to a great extent. Almost every person got his cell phone in his hand. Development of mobile applications is successful since its invention. So, if you are a mobile application developer, your consumers would be throughout the world.

  1. Geospatial Technology

Photogrammetric, remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) are encompassed by the field of Geospatial Technology. Everybody knows what GPS (Global Positioning Systems) is, this is one of the most widely used applications. GPS is used in our vehicles and cell phones and is the blessing of Geospatial Technology.

  1. Search Engine Marketers for Baidu

People of China are restricted to use Google in that region by the government, so they are confined to use Baidu.com. Just like Google, Baidu.com is the search giant of China. In other words, if you are an SEO expert and you work for Baidu.com, you can live a life of what you have dreamed.

  1. Cyber security

With the immense increase in the number of internet users, Cyber crime is accrued to a terrible extent. If you are capable to develop anti-virus software or you can secure confidential information, then finding a job in this sector would be another good option to go.

  1. Cloud Computing

Could Computing is defined as the utilization of the computing services over a network. Cloud computing helps in reducing IT infrastructure cost of the company, it enables server and storage device to be utilized across organization.

  1. Bio Technology

Bio Technology is one of the widest fields you will ever know. It encapsulates the areas of quality control, research and development, agriculture and bioinformatics, manufacturing and production. All of these areas offer in-demand occupation in biotechnology. So, the probability to get ranked good in biotechnology is more than the other fields.

  1. Optimization Specialists

Web specialists, who are pioneers at optimizing the user path through corporate websites, are being sought by companies. If you are an excel in moving people to your website, whether you use eye-tracking technology or restructuring of content or implementation of key messages that can target people to your website, you will be hired in a very short time.