7 Ultimate Online Typing Lessons Services For Beginners

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Online Typing Lessons ServicesIn this age of technology and increased focus on computer use, one of the most crucial skills is the ability to comfortably using a computer. One must not be an expert but basic understanding of computers is an important skill in any potential career. This brings a need to be able to type effectively and accurately.

However, we cannot dispute the fact that sitting posture is crucial for your overall health and typing proficiency. Right typing posture basically means that you are in a posture that you are comfortable with. For beginners, typing accordingly and maintaining the right typing posture can be a daunting task. This is why there are numerous sites offering online typing lessons to help them acquire necessary typing skills.

How to maintain proper typing posture

Get a proper chair

Typing chair should be adjustable. This will help you adjust it to an appropriate height for your legs to rest on 90 degrees on the ground. This will help in straightening your back and give you enough lumber support.

Proper distance from the keyboard

Avoid sitting far away from the keyboard as you might not reach the keys above the home row and if you place it closely, hitting keys below home raw will be hard. Both positions can force you to sit uncomfortably and affect your typing speed. Your hands should be maintained at neutral and approximately straight position.

Keep feet at 90 degrees on the ground

This will balance your body enhancing your typing ability. Hanging legs can cause injury to your spine.

Sitting upright

This will provide balance and you will be able to type faster. By sitting upright with eyes fixed on the screen you will keep your spine comfortable and your typing effectiveness will be improved.

Position your wrists accordingly

You should avoid raising your wrists a lot so you don’t curve them. Maintaining proper positioning reduces fatigue in your arms. On the other hand, your wrists should not lie on the keyboard as this will affect your typing speed and accuracy. Keep them in a neutral position.

Keep your elbows in

With elbows close to your sides your fingers will hardly come off home raw. This is because if your fingers loose sense of home raw it will be hard to detect other keys.

7 online typing lessons services for beginners


This is an online typing tutor suitable for beginners. It offers free online typing lessons and services in an amazing way. It is designed to teach, develop and practice typing skills step by step. Instructions on proper typing posture and fingers positioning over the keyboard are incorporated in the lessons. You can take free tests and practice with online typing games available.


This is a free online tutorial for beginners of all age classification. It is the best in equipping you with the right typing skills from its comprehensive proven curriculum. The tutorial is completely free and the lessons are suitable for all levels of skills. Typing games and tests are available to improve your skills. After completion you are awarded with a certification.


This tutor is the best to help you acquire excellent typing skills. Lessons include designed typing programs that are specifically meant for beginners. You are able to test your proficiency through their online tests and also improve your skills with the available typing games. No matter what typing level you are, you will get the best results.


Learn typing within few hours using all your fingers. There are 27 guided lessons for beginners to learn typing step by step. Choose between 23 diverse keyboard layouts. The tutorials run through your browser and so there is no need for download or installation. Get printable certificate after completion.


This is a prevailing typing tutorial and is an ideal for beginners. This is because its user interface is amazingly easy to use and calls for no technical knowledge.All you need is a mouse point and a click.


This is a user-friendly site and is ideal for beginners. Once you are through with the typing lessons at Ratatype there are free online tests to analyze and improve your skills. After completion you will receive a certificate.


This site offers 10 steps typing tutorial to help you acquire excellent typing skills step by step following finger by finger. You can practice with outstanding typing games and tests available.

With a precise online typing tutor, obviously, with time you will dexterously master all the typing skills and become proficient!