8 Tips for Renting a Vacation Condo

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Vacation CondoThe enjoyment of your holiday starts with getting the right place to stay. If you want to stay in a luxurious holiday rental with a view of a water body, a golf course or a park, you should do the below:

  1. Do your research

Do your research online and compare the price of renting different months of the year and by different rental companies. If you are searching during off-peak season, you could get some really good beachfront condos at a very fair price.

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  1. Read customer reviews

Customers are your most reliable source of information regarding the current state of the vacation rental. Most websites still have pictures of the rental property while it was still new and in good condition.

Read the most recent customer reviews to get a feel of the service, amenities and condition of the vacation home.

  1. Read the contract carefully

Read your contract very carefully and question anything you do not understand. You are going to be in a strange place and the last thing you want is things getting nasty because the agents insist you have breached a contract agreement.

If it is not clear in the contract how utility bills will be settled, ask the rental agent to include a clause. Only sign the contract when you feel satisfied.

  1. Bargain

Do not be shy to bargain if you are trying to get the best deal. The agent will normally give you the highest quote first because he/she wants to get an attractive commission.

Do not settle for the first amount quoted. Instead, quote him/her an amount that is a good percentage below what you would be comfortable paying.

If you start your search early enough, as you should, you will have plenty of time to haggle and get the best rates.

  1. Safe payment of deposit

Observe the following safety procedures when it comes to payment of deposit:

  • You should only deal with a reputable rental company to minimize the chances of being scammed.
  • Ask the agent to include a clause in the contract about deposit refund.
  • Insist on paying on arrival; this should present no challenge during off-peak season.
  • Do not give your credit card details online.
  1. Inquire about housekeeping

It is good to understand the housekeeping schedule in order to organize yourself.

On the days you have housekeeping, lock away all your valuable belongings or hang around the house as the cleaning is going on.

  1. Take pictures of damaged areas upon arrival

Upon arrival, take photographs or videos of the entire house and all the furniture and fixtures in it. This is important in case there is a dispute on the day you are leaving.

You don’t want to be blamed for a problem that was already there before you rented the vacation house.

Should a dispute arise, you will have your evidence.

  1. Insist on inspection on check out day

On the last day of your vacation, have the agent walk through the house and give it a clean bill of health. If there are things that got damaged during your stay, pay for them and get written confirmation that you have no further obligations.