A Cheval Mirror Has The Benefits Homeowners Need

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11384883 - beautiful woman reflected in vintage mirror

11384883 – beautiful woman reflected in vintage mirror

It’s common to see mirrors in just about every room of the house.  That’s because they not only serve to help us view our appearance but also as decorative furnishings which can really add beauty to our homes.  Many mirrors are even used to help bring light into dim spaces.  Whether you’d like to use yours for one or all of these purposes, a cheval mirror more often than not makes the best choice.

Not For The Wall

Unlike the type used on the wall, these are a little different as they are free standing. This requires you do have a few square feet free on the floor to place one though.  However the ability to stand is part of their charm.  A cheval floor mirror uses four separate legs to stay upright and this is one of their most distinctive features.

Small Differences That Please

The ability to tilt the glass to whatever angle you need is another trait they are famous for.  While other varieties are locked in place and require you to move closer or further away to fit your entire body in the reflection, with a cheval anyone regardless of their size can adjust the angle immediately and without any effort.  Even though the majority are what’s considered a full size cheval mirror, even smaller models will be able to show just about anyone’s full reflection with a simple tilt of the glass.

Cheval mirror are known for their antique style look but luckily for consumers there are many options so that you can find one that not only fits your preference but really phenomenal in your space.  Frames which are oval in shape do tend to look more vintage while those that are rectangular often have a much more modern feel to them.

A Material Suited To You

Of course you also have different materials to pick from too.  Wood is quite common and you will find frames painted primarily in white or black, but also natural wood finishes can be extremely attractive if you like something a little more rustic.  A metal cheval mirror is usually a little more expensive than the wooden type but can really add to the ambience of a room.  In fact this is so true, that many homeowners purchase them simply as a decorative piece to place in empty corners that otherwise would go un-used.

Keep Jewelry Inside

A newer and more modern type is what’s known as a cheval mirror jewelry armoire.  These are an extremely handy piece of décor to own for women as it can save them an enormous amount of time. They look very similar to the standard type but have a compartment behind the glass that is made to keep entire jewelry sets totally organized and all in one spot.  Not only does one of these save time when it comes to searching for that perfect accessory but also in not having to go anywhere to do so, as all your options will be right behind the mirror you are using anyway.  Plus, you won’t have to worry about them becoming a tangled mess because there are so many holders and hooks that staying organized is a cinch.

When a gorgeous mirror is a must, cheval mirrors won’t disappoint.  No matter your proportions with a tilt of the angle you will have the ideal reflection for accessorizing, dressing, or just checking your appearance and that makes them a great choice for families as well.  With a lot to pick from that ranges all the way to modern in style and even with storage, this classic furnishing will be sure to be on the top of consumers’ lists well into the future!