A class of heat defiant and sturdy synthetic fiber

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synthetic fiberAramid fiber belongs in the general category of synthetic fibers. It is popularly known as Kevlar which is developed by DuPont’s chemical company. It has many remarkable characteristics in the internal structure. The characteristics of strength show that it is five times tougher than steel and because of its heat resistance capacity it can sustain more than 500 degree Celsius. The combination of aromatic and polyamide forms a material like lengthy chain synthetic polyamide. In this chemical structure 85% of amide links are joined to couple of aromatic rings. Three popular aramid manufacturers produce the most of the aramid products into the worldwide market.  After the implementation of lyotropic crystalline aramid it leads to the development of polyamides in positive direction. Compared to other fibers it has less weight capacity and it is considered to be the main advantage. It has somewhat unconstructive axial coefficient of thermal extension which is similar to graphite.

Extraordinary characteristics of aramid fiber

In all over the world, conventional materials are highly replaced by strong and lightweight composites. Aramid fiber plays the most significant role which is really necessary for strengthen composites. Because of strength and dimensional solidity it is combined with all sorts of composite materials. It is well-suited to utilise in all kinds of resin methods. Aramid fibers are manufactured using different kinds of manufacturing process. Hand lay-up is the most efficient manufacture process with less investment.  Aramid fiber has remarkable characteristics in its internal structure.

  • High power
  • Resistance to amalgamation
  • Absence of conductivity
  • No dissolving point
  • Exceptional heat and cut opposition
  • Little flammability

Aramid fiber has decomposing capability but it will not dissolve in the conservative sense. At high temperature it will generate its high crystalline capacity which leads to insignificant reduction. If this fiber is combined with epoxy then it will be changed as waterproof material. The light yellow colour of this fiber is mostly utilised in specialised composite materials which needs light weight properties. For long period of time it can sustain in high range of heat temperature. It will not support combustion and melt but it will carbonize at 800 degree Fahrenheit.

Remarkable applications in different industries

The Kevlar product is highly used for car tire reinforcement. It is mostly used as body armour which acts as protective coating in different fields. It is used as helmets and fire armed forces. Because of its abrasion resistance and less stretch properties it is mainly used in the manufacture of cables and ropes. Even it is used in mooring ships. This outstanding fiber is also used in sports field. It is also used in music instruments therefore it will produce high quality of sound. Wonderful applications of aramid fibers are divided into two sorts. It is used as reinforcement in compounds like military transports and protective clothing for fire protection. As per the requirement of each application it is used drastically utilised with its immense characteristics. It is also utilised in worldwide shipping ability and for ballistic safeguard.