A Few Basic Tips For Wine With Food Combo

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Food ComboYou need to understand food and wine in order to pair them together. It could be quite a disaster if you went wrong, but there is nothing to worry about. Everything comes with practice, and even if you do go wrong, you might come across some vague but amazing experiments which might work out too. Pairing these two does not have any specific rules, but some basic things which you must know in order to have a successful and a sumptuous meal.

Strike The Right Balance

Striking the right balance is one of the essentials of food and wine pairing. Delicate foodstuffs must be paired with delicate wines and so on. If one is strong and the other is mild, it won’t give the kind of effect you will want. In order to make these go together, both need to be had in the right proportion and neither of them must overwhelm the other. For those who are new to this concept and not quite sure about the combinations, the tips given below will help you start off.


Red meat such as beef, contains protein and fat which go very well with bold red wine. Cabernet Sauvignon, a red wine, hardly fails to match up to its expectations when paired with red meat, like beef. The heavy residue which is left in your mouth while having beef is conveniently cut down by the tannins of Cabernet which give it a dry puckering feeling. Cabernet helps in cleaning your palate for the next bite. A Merlot could also be used with a beef dish which has the fat cooked out of it.

Chicken And Pork

These two are comparatively less intense meats and therefore must be paired up with wines which are less intense as well. Merlot and Pinot Noir are some less intense drinks which could go well with lighter red meats like chicken and pork. But an important point to keep in mind is that if you are using a strong sauce to prepare these meats, the intensity of the wine must go up as well. Remember, it is all about striking the right balance.


Seafood meals are often paired with white wines and they taste really good. No doubt about that, but it doesn’t stop you from pairing it with lighter red wines either. Seafood such as fish would taste really good with a red wine like Zinfandel or Syrah. These wines are great options to go along with seafood because they contain lower levels of acidity and thus making them taste great alongside seafood dishes like fish.


Who said you cannot pair up a wine with a dessert? A wine n’ dessert pairing would be the ultimate thing after having a sumptuous meal. A glass of Port could be well enjoyed after a meal and it can go alongside a dessert, or had alone as well. A rich chocolaty dessert would taste extremely nice when paired with a Cabernet Sauvignon. These pairings might sound a little odd, but you won’t know until you actually try it yourself.

A little tip to keep in mind:

While serving more than one wine with your food, the lighter one should always be served first. This is in order to prevent the heavier one from interfering with the food’s taste. Similarly, dry wines must be served before sweeter ones, unless the meal itself is sweet enough.

All the pairings which you have come across above are all classic ones. It is not necessary that you will like all of them. Different tastes and flavours are appreciated by different people. Everybody need not like the same kinds of pairings. It is also seen that when people have a liking towards a certain wine, they have it with all kinds of meals, regardless of what is being served.

In case you are hosting a party, make sure you have all kinds of wines present. Your choice may differ from theirs, but doesn’t mean you restrict their choices either. You can recommend a certain wine, but the ultimate choice must be left up to your guests.

Now you have learnt a lot about food and wine pairings. Use your imagination and pair up different meats with different wines. Who knows you might just create a new trend with your experiment?