A Lockable Storage Box Is The Key To Security

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metal storage boxUnfortunately we can’t always trust all of our acquaintances when it comes to borrowing our possessions without asking. More often than not it’s something harmless like a co-worker using a pen from your desk and forgetting to return it.  A friendly neighbor may have wanted to ask you to borrow one of your garden tools, but you weren’t home, so he just decided to use it and forgot to return it.  This is an all too common scenario.  However when the items are expensive this can not only be costly if they are lost, not given back, or damaged but it can also be pretty disrespectful. And then there are always the “other,” elements of society that purposely want to take what is yours for their own. Unfortunately many of these may come under the guise of friends and family as well. Or you may be even be targeted by a real criminal.

Certain Things Just Need To Be Locked Away

Regardless of who is doing the taking, certain things need to be kept secure, it’s just that simple.  Important documents can be a major pain and serious inconvenience if they are lost or damaged.  Many of us have photos and small items that are irreplaceable.  Handguns need to be kept securely locked up so that young children, guests, and even intruders do not have access to them in order to prevent injuries or worse.

And of course cash left lying around is often very tempting, even for those we care about most.  Prescription medicines and pills are yet another one. Although they are often overlooked they can be deadly especially if you live with someone who has a drug problem or even the elderly who may not be able at this point in their lives to remember how many pills they have already taken so far that day leading to an unintended overdose.

A Safe May Not Be The Answer

Many people would quickly assume that a safe is the best solution.  Sometimes that is true, but usually it’s not.  Safes are expensive and often require you cutting a hole in your wall to install them or they may need to be bolted down to your floor.  Of course there are certain items that should be kept in a safe; however for the average homeowner they don’t fit the bill. Its overkill for keeping most of the items listed above.   A much better choice is a lockable storage box.  They are inexpensive, easy to transport, and many can offer even very large amounts of storage depending on what you need.

Many Prefer Metal

A lot of people prefer the strength of metal for obvious reasons. A lockable metal storage box is usually the right answer for them.  They aren’t bulky like a safe, but in contrast easy to carry, usually with an attached handle.   Small yet tough they are perfect for firearms, cash, documents, jewelry, and more.  One of their biggest advantages is that they offer protection that you can hide. They can easily be discreetly hidden in closets, under beds, or places you would never expect them.  If you want to take it up a notch there are even fireproof metal options.  These are a smart idea, particularly for important documents and money of course.  Metal boxes are however, made for use indoors.

Plastic Is Preferable Too

While metal is a fantastic choice plastic might be the best way to go for your needs. A lockable plastic storage box is what you’ll need for the outdoors.  Don’t let your impression of this material fool you, these are actually made from heavy duty resin so they are seriously tough but without hall the extra weight.  Rain, snow, freezing temperatures, as well as blazing hot ones are no problem whatsoever for boxes of this type.  There is also just a huge variety to choose from.  While some are made for documents others are designed for tradesmen who need to protect their tools.  And the largest and without a doubt one of the most popular are those that simply keep garden and yard equipment secure.  Deck boxes are one type of large lockable plastic box that can provide some serious storage space.  With enough room to keep all your important outdoor supplies dry, out of the sun, and locked away they are a worthwhile investment. Some are even designed to be used as benches as well which can save you some cash so you don’t have purchase expensive outdoor furniture for your guests.

As you can see, some items just need to be locked up. Others may just give you peace of mind, knowing no one will be borrowing or using them without your permission.  For security without the bulk, price, and inconvenience lockable storage boxes are the right choice.  Whether you pick plastic or metal, you won’t regret it!