Adding Value To Sell Your Home: The Simple Fix

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Sell Your HomeSince the financial crash of 2008, it has for many homeowners become progressively harder to find a prospective buyer for their property. The property market has become highly competitive and hence, selling a house has become somewhat of a nightmare. However, you should not despair as there are small things which you can do to improve and increase the value of your property to make it more appealing to those who come to view your home. By carrying out simple changes and investing a small amount of money into fixing up your property, you can find that the value of your home rises and you find it easier to sell.

This blog will explore several simple things that you can do to help increase the respective value of your property; hopefully allowing you to find a buyer quickly.
Curb Appeal
It is widely believed that within the first five to ten seconds of a viewing, a potential buyer will make up their mind on whether they are going to like the property or not. Although this may seem unfair, this is often true and therefore you should understand the importance of first impressions. Because of this, it is crucial that you consider your properties curb appeal as it is vital that the outside of your home shows what should be reflected and expected inside the property.

You can improve your kerb appeal without investing any money by manually washing the windows, their frames and any other areas of the front which look a little unsightly. Ensure that your property looks inviting and homely by removing from view any rubbish or recycling whilst also tidying and weeding the front garden and the driveway. You could even repaint the front door to give it that smart edge to make it stand out on the street.
The Interior
The interior of a property should emulate the feeling of space and air in a neutral area. Many viewers find it hard to picture themselves living in a property which is cluttered or which clearly has the current owners stamp put on it. Therefore by toning down any bold colours and clearing away your possessions or hiding them behind screens, you can create a blank canvas which should entice potential buyers. Although you may not like it, you need to understand that you are trying to sell the house and so will not be living in the property for much longer. A neutral colour scheme with a few eye-catching features should also help to create a space which looks clean and spacious. You could even consider finding out if you can invest in the plans for an extension as this is a great way of improving the value of your home.
Cosmetic Changes
There are many cosmetic alterations which you can complete cheaply to transform your home in an attempt to improve its saleability. By adding cheap yet stylish features inside the property, you should be able to improve the overall look and feel of each room, creating a new space which suits your target market. It is important to consider your property’s location and size when choosing which area of the market to target; for example a three bedroom, family home could be modernised and altered to target young families. By simply updating parts of your property, you could increase its appeal to a younger market, meaning that you will hopefully improve your chances of getting a sale.
Reassess Your Sale Price
Some properties just don’t sell because their sale price exceeds the true value of the property. To ensure that yours is valued correctly, you should approach experts and property managers who can use their experience and knowledge to help you understand what your property should actually be valued at. It is important that you do not overvalue or undervalue your home and this is why talking to experts can really help you. If you are adamant that you do not want to lower the price, then you should definitely consider updating and altering the property to add value to it, hopefully allowing you to reach your target estimate.