Advice For A Safe And Enjoyable Holiday

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Enjoy HolidayAfter a lovely long summer, the nights begin to draw in and the evenings get progressively cooler. That feel good factor that the summer sunshine always brings, starts to fade. The best antidote to the onset of the autumn mood change, is to plan your next holiday.

Whether your ideal break is two weeks by the pool, basking in the glow of those hot summer rays, or backpacking in some remote far away country, then there are a few important safety tips you need to consider.

Eating abroad can be both glorious and bothersome. The last thing you want is to find your holiday ruined with an upset stomach, while around you, your friends are having the time of their lives. The cause of a lot of problems can be the local drinking water, avoid tap water and opt for bottled water whenever you can. If bottled water is not available, then make sure you boil the water before drinking it. Another option is to take water purification tablets with you.

When eating out, order your food well cooked to be on the safe side, and make sure the restaurant looks clean and well maintained. If they have few customers, then there is generally a good reason why!

If you are on your own backpacking, then make sure you have a phone with you, and that you keep in regular contact. If you are somewhere remote and have an accident, then you need to make sure that you will be missed quickly, or that you can contact someone for help. It’s a good idea to leave the details of your travel plans with someone, and pre-arrange times that you will contact them. Better still, avoid travelling on your own.

Make sure that you don’t carry large sums of money on you, keep it in a safe if possible, and never keep it all in one place. Use a money belt to keep cash under your clothes to prevent it being stolen by pickpockets. Be careful with credit cards. Check your transactions as frequently as you can. An alternative to taking credit cards with you is to use a prepaid money card.

Before you travel make sure you have the correct insurance cover. Direct Travel Insurance is a good place to start. Not only can they take care of your travel insurance needs, they offer advice on looking after both yourself and your family. Be aware of what is and isn’t covered by your policy. Direct Travel Insurance provides 24 hour emergency help.

Everyone looks forward to their vacations, and for many, they remain the highlight of the year. People invest a lot of time choosing the destination, and saving their hard earned cash, to make sure it is the best time possible, for them and their families. With a little pre-planning you can make them safe and healthy too. If anything does go wrong, then having the right insurance can turn a nightmare into just an inconvenience.