Affordable Renovation Ideas

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Renovation IdeasIf the novelty of your house seems to be losing its lustre and all your fittings and accessories seem to be bearing the mark of time, it’s time to give your house the makeover you crave. The slump in the real estate market too has encouraged home owners to make the best of their homes and other investment properties by improving their living space to better suit their needs.

Once you’ve decided to incorporate some changes around your home, the burden of selection and planning rests on your shoulders. Where do you begin? Am I making drastic changes? Is the work getting more expensive than planned? These are just a few questions that pop into your head during the process.

But, put away your worries (except the financial ones of course) and rest assured that these home improvement measures are more of maintenance and upgrade work for your house; they are sure to increase the value of your home while affording you better conveniences.

Kitchen improvements

Your once cheery backsplash tiles may have chipped in places and may not be in keeping with the new wall colour you want, so go ahead and make the change. Also investing in water conserving installations and eco friendly appliances for the kitchen should be on the agenda. If you are looking at renting out your property or selling it shortly, its pristine appearance is a great selling point. Many homes are bought and sold based on the design and style of the kitchen. Of course, if you are going to go all out, why not create a flow by combining dining and kitchen for that entertaining edge.

Bathroom improvements

De-silvered and spotted mirrors, chips in sinks or broken toilet paper holders are all indications that your bathroom needs a little improvisation. To remove mould stains on the walls, paint them afresh and the ones on tiles could do with a good soak and scrub.

Replacing traditional windows and doors

Plantation shutters have become all the rage in interior design. Whether you are looking to replace closet doors or bedroom windows, these shutters lend an elegance of their own to the room. They allow sunlight to filter in beautifully, bringing in a natural ambience to the room. Shutters can be added to the outside of your home as well for a neat, curb-appeal change. Many homes in the western suburbs of Perth use shutters to take advantage of the natural light that flows through in the evenings.

Basic improvements

Some of the most common home grooming solutions includes painting and weather shielding your exteriors, fixing leaks, replacing plumbing lines that tend to clog often, replacing deteriorating wooden structures, etc.

While undertaking home improvement measures or renovations, it’s also good to look into energy efficient insulation solutions. A home that is not energy efficient is one that is expensive to live in. Home inspectors are bound to include this in an assessment of your building. So look for areas around your home that needs to be insulated and get the job done.