Amazing New Car Features Rolling Out For 2016 Car Buyers

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BMWThe auto world is all abuzz anticipating the car rollouts for the new year. A year full of innovative advances and design, savvy car buyers have a lot of options to consider. It is no longer about car mats, or cassette tape versus CD, the new technological advances found in cars is nothing short of miraculous.

Before you head to the car dealer, it is best to know what to expect. Like shopping on an empty stomach, giving yourself some knowledge and deciding wants and needs will help you make good financial decisions. In this atmosphere, that may be impossible. There are so many “gotta-haves” it is easy to get overexcited.

The most innovative advances for 2016 cars

Since the introduction of cars, car drivers have dreamed of the day when they can be a spectator to driving down the road. The advancement of cars driving themselves may still not be available, but new technological advances are pretty close.

Computer chips in 2016 models have integrated cameras that work simultaneously to monitor how close the vehicle is to other objects, help with a quicker response time should you not react fast enough to obstruction, and even apply the breaks for you if need be. Upping the safety of distracted, and non-distracted drivers alike, the new camera systems help to eliminate car driving errors that can lead to disaster.

The Model S electric sedan may not drive itself, but it is about as close as you are going to get to the technology for a couple of years. It gives drivers the ability to set course for the open road, staying safely within the lane with hands off. It also monitors speed with an advanced cruise control system that will slow down and speed up according to speed limits and conditions. The best part? You change lanes without assistance when you touch the lane change sign and accommodate for traffic.

BMW’s version is a sensor that won’t allow you to switch lanes if there is an object sensed in your path. It will also maintain your speed on the highway and stay within lane markers without assistance.

Do away with the distraction of children

It is not a good idea to ever text or use your cell phone when you are driving, but the most distracting thing you can’t get away from is a crying or screaming child. As a parent, you know that it is hard to focus or concentrate on anything when your child is unruly. The new rollout of 2016 cars comes with entertainment not only for them but the car driver. An integrated system allows you to do everything on the go that you can do from your home wifi system.

Car entertainment systems include built in wifi systems that provide full internet capability, smartphone integration and video players for the backseat to keep everyone happy. They key to keeping everyone content is to get there quickest and on time.

The new internet systems allow you updates to traffic conditions immediately, and to reroute your car if there is an accident or traffic standing in your way. Never have to sit in car to car traffic, the innovations in navigation will get you around the tough spots with ease and get you there as close to on-time as possible.


The car industry has finally caught up. Most cars come equipped with cameras that will help out the driver in many ways. The camera allows you to see everything around the car when you need to. Not only important when you are trying to switch lanes, back up, or parallel park, they record things like traffic violations or accidents, so there is no mistake about what happened.

Technology is an ever-changing entity, especially in the car industry. Cars are being designed as an extension of your daily activities. Since so many of us spend so much of our day in cars, these time-saving features are an excellent way to do things on the go. Most importantly, they help cut down on driver error and compensate for distraction.

Our hectic lives sometimes get in the way of getting somewhere safely when driving. Cars don’t drive themselves just yet, but these new advances come pretty darn close. The 2016 models are not only a safer ride, but they are also more fun too. Check out what your local dealership has to offer for the New Year.

Author Bio: Jason Bekiaris, Marketing Manager at Dilawri’s Crown Auto Group