Benefit Your Baby With Lullabies And Look Fabulous Doing It

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pregnant womanThere’s nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman in a lovely maternity dress caressing her bump and signing softly to the darling baby inside. This picture of beauty can easily have you as the star! Perhaps you can remember being sung to or hearing lullabies lull you to sleep. Perhaps you have soft memories of being soothed by murmured melodies. Now it’s your turn to pass on such comfort to your bundle of joy.
The Benefits
Even if you’re embarrassed by your singing ability, the benefits of singing, even softly, to your child make it well worth the blush when you find your husband smiling at you.

Lullabies make babies feel better

  • Building relationships – Newborns respond first to mommy’s voice. This is because they have heard it more. Their ears are fully formed at 20 weeks and they can hear at 24. Your voice isn’t unheard, but rather every syllable better associates the child with your voice until they can find comfort in your arms.
  • Security – There are an abundance of studies that support the idea that babies can hear in the womb. Your singing, the sound of your voice, the music, and the specific songs, will be heard by your child in the safe warm environment your womb provides. When they hear your singing as newborns, that feeling of security will be associated and reaffirmed as they cuddle up against you in that lovely maternity dress and hear the melodic cadence of your voice.
  • Soothes – The soft rising and falling intonation, the reliable melody, and the sound of your voice will sooth the child both after they are born and before. Such elements are reassuring and cannot be belittled.

Lullabies aid in development

  • Learning sounds – The first step in learning a language is listening. The sounds of English are important to soak in before trying to speak it. By washing you baby with music, abundant in English sounds, you will jump start that part of of your babies language learning.
  • Language Intonation – An important element in the English language is intonation. It differentiates between “You kicked the ball.” “You kicked the ball!” “You kicked the ball?” and many other meanings communicated by this one sentence. Your child will be exposed to the contours in pitch and intonation early on through lullabies.
  • Memory Techniques – From the ABCs to the Fifty Nifty United States, lists put to music show us how helpful melodies are in memorization. Song lyrics are easy to remember and will be retained for years later. Such a phenomena is seen in your ability to remember the lyrics to The Wheels on the Bus and Old Mcdonald.

How to Embody the Beauty
The question “How are Lullabies Beneficial?” has been answered but how can you become the star in that picture of beauty? There are just a few things that you’ll need and you will be well on your way!


If you don’t know any lullabies, don’t worry. They are easy to learn. If children can do it, so can you! A quick web search can leave you with hundreds of options. But,as those hundreds of options can be a bit overwhelming, here are a few classics to start you off. Of course, don’t to forget to ask your mother and mother-in-law what songs they sang to you as a child! Traditional songs can be a special thing to pass down to your baby.

  • Rock-a-Bye Baby
  • You are My Sunshine
  • Hush, Little Baby
  • Are You Sleeping?
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow

Perhaps just reading over the titles have brought back melodies and lyrics you haven’t heard in years, which is just a further testament of how much impact these simple little songs can have on your memory and childhood experience. A search of these songs can provide you with the lyrics if you need them. Of course, YouTube and other sites will be able to provide you with the melody. While you can always purchase these songs to play to your baby, they cannot compare to the sound of your voice, whatever your opinion of it may be. Your voice is one your child will learn to trust and seek.

The Dress

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The Photo

You are amazing. You created a person, you’ve learned lullabies because of how much you love that little person, and you look fabulous while doing it. Preserve this memory forever. Have your husband take pictures, have your friends take picture, have strangers take pictures. Because one day, one day far too soon, this moment will be over. But one day, you’ll be able to share this moment, this moment riddled with benefits, with your child again. With the digital age upon us, snapping pictures costs nothing, so snap away. It may be far too late before you see how important these moments were.

See the picture of beauty in yourself? Equipped with lullabies, you can provide your child with so much both emotionally and mentally, from the feeling of security and comfort to language skills strengthening from the womb. Having found lovely maternity wear at Bump Baby and Beyond, you will look as fantastic as you are, the woman who is making a person and taking the time to read and learn so she can be the best mother she can possibly be. And with a camera at the ready, you can cherish these fleeting moments for years to come.