Best Halloween Costume

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Best Halloween CostumeHalloween in near and can now be felt already. Various decors and costumes are now available in stores worldwide. We never ran out Halloween parties every time the occasion comes, and during parties we always make sure that we are at our best and we wore costumes we think is the best for the occasion. Shopping for a Halloween costume takes a lot of time and tough decision in order to land with the best one. The following things can be considered when shopping for Halloween costumes:

Price – this can be the first thing to consider for mostly of the buyers of Halloween costumes. Since Halloween costumes can be used only once or once a year, we must go for the cheaper ones. Sometimes I go look around on a thrift store to look for some cheaper costumes.

Materials used – this is also important when buying for a Halloween costumes. Materials used should be durable and cool to the body. Costumes normally have many accessories that cause some hot feeling that is why it is important that costumes be made of cool fabric.

Design – this can be the most important to everyone when considering in buying for a costume. When buying for a Halloween costume, of course it is important that it should be stylish and hip to get everybody’s attention on the party.

Various designs are available when buying for a Halloween costume. The Ghost tops of the list. During Halloween, this can always be the inexpensive costume. One can always create their own ghost costume by cutting some holes in an old sheet.

An angel is another design used during Halloween parties. One can make this angel costume by using a sheet like for the ghost, but this time around one should spray the sheet lightly with some clear spray paint and toss glitter on it before the paint will dry. Create a halo and the wings out of hangers covered with an aluminum foil. Before you knew it, you already have a wonderful angel costume created.

The nerd is one of the cheapest Halloween costumes one can ever have. It costs even nothing if you are creative enough with what you already have. All you have to do to have a nerd costume is to make use of your old pants that are too small already, then mistakenly buttoned you shirt up, have your hair slicked back, make use of your old par of glasses with a tape, white socks, and a big book to carry under your arm.

A princess costume can be the bestsellers for the little angels. To have a princess costume without spending too much is to make use of mom’s old slip, hem and take some that is just enough for a little girl. Get some discounted sparkly netting attached to the bottom half of the slip to make a billowy skirt and make use of a long length of it by doubling up an wrap it around the shoulders and clasp it with a pretty pin. Add some beautiful finishing by using mom’s make up and jewelries.