Caffeine has Virtues against Skin Cancer

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Study shows that caffeine has various qualities against skin cancer. The study is made in guinea pigs explaining the protective mechanism at the molecular level.

Scientist Dr. Masaoka Kawasumi, member of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of the State of Washington, Seattle (Northwest) and the lead author of the study, had observed that mice genetically modified to reduce your skin in the function of ATR protein (Telangiectasie d ‘ ataxie, Rad3).

ATR plays a significant role in the proliferation of skin cells damaged by ultraviolet light.

Previous studies had shown that caffeine inhibited the ATR that is being neutralized causes the destruction of those cells.

In the study, engineered mice and are exposed to ultraviolet light with the action of ATR protein has about three weeks slower development of skin tumors compared to others in the group that serves as prototype.

After 19 weeks of UV exposure, the engineered mice had 69% fewer skin tumors and four times less aggressive cancers than others did.

The persistence of irradiation ended up damaging the skin cells of the genetically altered mice after 34 weeks.

The results indicate that the protective effects of caffeine against ultraviolet rays, as documented in previous studies, is probably explained by neutralization of the protein ATR during the precancerous stage, before the tumor of the skin to fully develop, scientists said.

According to them, applications of caffeine in the skin could help prevent the onset of cancers. In addition, caffeine absorbs ultraviolet rays and act as sunscreen.

Skin cancer is most common in the United States, with more than one million new cases diagnosed annually, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Most of it consists of melanomas – the most serious – and very often curable if the diagnosis is made early.