Custom Promotional Pens

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Promotional PensIt doesn’t matter if the economy is performing well or badly, the key to continuing sells is brand awareness and necessity. If your product is essential then it will sell whatever the economic climate. Customers will simply need to be reminded of your presence. Should your product be more of a luxury then marketing will play an extremely important role in persuading people to purchase your goods or service. Whatever your market place there will be many ways of promoting your product but you should never overlook the customised promotional pen. There are several good reasons why this is an excellent choice to promote your business:

  1. A pen is not just customisable by placing your name or logo on it. There are many different styles of pens which can cater to a variety of markets. Roller balls or fountain pens may appeal to the business executive. Biros can be a good choice for bank counters – providing a convenient writing instrument which doesn’t usually smudge. Highlighters or markers can be excellent in a teacher’s hand or for company presentations. Each of these pens can have the company name and logo or company motto to remind the user of your presence. Pens also company in a multitude of colours. Bright and cheerful to stand out at exhibitions or more sombre so as to not look out of place in the boardroom. All options are available.
  2. Practicality – Even in today’s computer age pens are still an essential item. Contracts still need to be signed, notes taken and instructions given. Whenever something needs to be written a pen is required. If your customer or potential customer has a pen with your name or product in their hand it will remind them both then and when they are shopping of who you are. A pen is something that people will see on a regular basis and will provide an association with your product.
  3. Cost – There is a huge array of potential products to assist with marketing your business. Unfortunately many of these come with a premium price tag. Pens are relatively cheap and can be bought in large quantities without outlaying large quantities of cash. This means that you are able to get your name in front of many customers without having to indulge in massive marketing campaigns. Pens are small enough to fit into envelopes and be included with postage drops or passed out at meetings along with business cards. A pen can even be given as a gift! The cost of a pen is so small that it can assist with levelling the playing field when you are competing with much bigger competitors.
  4. Unique – Surprisingly a pen is unique. It is possible to pick your own colours or two have multiple colours on one pen. You are able to place a logo on the pen or your name and address or just a caption. Some people prefer a drawing or a combination of all of the above. Whichever becomes your preferred option you are creating a unique work of art. The final pen is different to any other pen and will become recognisable to its owner, who will also notice if someone else borrows it. This link will become lodged within their mind and will surface sub consciously whenever they look at your product.
  5. Market reach – A billboard or TV advert is not only costly but is brief and only has an effect on those who see it. A pen will reach many more people. A pen will be probably be used by more than one person, it will be picked up and possibly even passed around. Each of these holders will note the pens feel, size and what is printed on it. If it writes particularly well they will almost certainly comment on it. Each of these processes is building up recognition of your brand in each of these potential customers. The pen will also last a long time. If it is not written with daily it may last months or years and therefore will reach a large number of people. It becomes an ongoing advertising campaign long after other, more expensive campaigns have finished. Children will even notice what is on the pen and will comment if they see the same logo or writing in a shop. The power of a child demanding something from its parents should never be underestimated.
  6. Loyalty – A pen is a small gesture but a customer receiving one will see it as a much larger gift. Particularly if you mention that only loyal customers receive pens such as this. A loyal customer is far more likely to buy your product regardless of price. They will realise that they are buying a quality product from a company with a good reputation who cares about its customers.

Pens are fun and practical. The critical factors in choosing a promotional pen are the design and type. A catchy design will invoke a response from everyone. If this design is echoed on the physical product it will become an association in the users mind and increase sales potential. A good design may even become a talking point and sell your product for you. The type of pen is an important consideration. Bright and fun works for children and more casual environments but will not necessarily be utilised in a boardroom meeting. It is important to pick the right mix of colours and ink type to ensure the pen will be used. A used pen will do wonders for marketing and ultimately sales.

Finally, ensure you choose a reputable supplier for your custom pens. There are many to choose from. A good one, such as will provide a large range and assist in designing the pens graphics. They will also ensure your product arrives on time and is as expected.

There are other promotional products on the market but none are as useful and easy to carry as a pen. This is both the appeal and the reason for its success as a marketing tool. There is a good reason why promotional pens are often used to promote a business!