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Sugar scrubsIntroduction

Sugar scrubs are mostly effective in provision or maintenance of a glowing skin. The recipes for the preparation of these sugar scrubs are easy to follow. Use the ingredients for preparation in the correct or right amounts to ensure efficacy. Massaging of the sugar scrubs is the method of use for these products.

Coconut and Cucumber Sugar Scrub

Use cucumber juice with fine and course sugar for preparing the scrub. Include coconut oil too. The mixture then is applied to the face. It is essential in the cleansing of the face, it does this deeply. Coconut is good for skin cleansing and the tone effect on the face. The use of the scrub regularly helps you have a glowing look and a younger appearance.

Minty Sugar Scrub

Use granulated sugar for scrub preparation. Mix with mint juice. Use peppermint and peppermint oil. After mixing, use the product in the face for good results. You look smooth and bright after use of the product on the skin and face. It is advisable to use Minty sugar scrub as a cooling scrub for the face.

Potato Sugar Scrub

Use sugar about two cups. Include potato juice in amounts of two tablespoons. Mixing the two to form a good mixture scrub then follows. Apply gently and generously on the skin. Do the applying in motions that are circular.

Rose and Sugar Scrub

Use a handful of rose petals. Add a cup of sugar and some jojoba oil. After mixing the three thoroughly, the product is used on the face. Apply on the face and later after about 30 minutes rinse properly. The skin is left toned and also moisturized.

Almond Sugar Scrub

This scrub has amazing face glowing effects. Crush almonds while mixing with sugar in half a cup. Add honey and coconut oil as you continue mixing. After blending properly, use on the face gently and in generous quantities.

Lemon and Honey Lotion

Use lemon and honey. Honey should be one teaspoonful. After mixing the two products, let them settle in the container. Use the scrub on the face. Apply on the face insufficient or generous amounts. Then massage the face in motions that are circular as this gives some exercise to the face. The practice also ensures that the citric acid and the honey to go in and deep the face. The skin consequently becomes radiant. Wash or rinse away the mixture or lotion from the face. The lotion needs to remain on skin or face for 30 minutes or more. This lotion helps to get rid of sun tan.

Honey and papaya mask

Use a papaya that has ripened completely as this makes mashing easier. Ensure you have some honey too. Add the honey and the ripened papaya in a container. Then mash the two products to allow for mixing. Do this for about 6 minutes. Apply this lotion or mixture on the face and allow time to dry. Te mask should then dry on the face. The drying should take about 30 minutes. Use water to clean or rinse the mixture off the face. The face glows on the use of the product. The age spots elimination is another role of the mixture. This practice is important in ensuring that moisturizing of the skin or face is present all the time.

Honey and Yoghurt Mask

Use yoghurt and honey and mix well. After stirring well, the mixture will provide a good and helpful mask. Apply the mixture gently and generously on the skin. Let the mask stay or remain on the face for 15- 30 minutes. Use cold water while removing the mask and rinsing the face. The lactic acid helps especially for individuals whose faces are oily. In case the face has acne, healing process becomes fast on the use of the scrub.

Lemon and Orange Sugar Scrub

Use three cups of sugar and olive oil amounting to half a cup. Use orange zest too. Mix the products to produce or come up with a scrub. The scrub is effective in cleaning, softening band producing a skin that is glowing.


These scrubs are good and healthy for the face. The scrubs help to achieve the effects of a bright and glowing face. Not much or a lot of efforts are required. The recipes and preparation are easy for anyone. Try the tricks on the skin for the best skin care at home.

Author Bio:

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