Edit Videos On Mac With Movavi

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Edit VideosForming a supreme quality video and playing it on your video player is a common craze. No matter how perfect the recorded video is we need video editing software which can offer an enhanced look to our recorded videos. To perform this function you require Mac video editing software. This purpose can be served by Movavi video editing software. It is capable of cutting, modifying and slicing videos in short time and giving it a more attractive look. It is a superfast smooth application for trouble-free editing video on the Mac.

Movavi video editor for Mac can be downloaded free from any website. It has its user interface and options divided into three parts- control panel, video player and a task bar which shows open files. The user interface posses a professional look and is well designed. On the upper side of the screen above the control panel there are standard file, help menus and edit playback which permits you to put in titles, special effects, transitions in video snaps. The media player of this software supports more than 100 audio video and title tracks. The main display screen of this software acts as a media player.

Following are the main features of Movavi video editor:

· You can add special effects to your latest video.

· It can grab the recorded audio and video from outside gadget like, VHS tapes, camcorders and TV tuners.

· It can generate the slideshows of images with different transitions.

· You can crop unite and split the movies. You can also insert title and music to the videos.

· It has the power to send the 2D and 3D videos and besides this you can save them in various formats like HD and DVD.

Movavi video editing software for Mac: what you can do more? With Movavi Mac version you can import DV or HDV camera recording to your hard drive and change it into any set-up. Once your project is complete you can either share and upload those videos to facebook, twitter or YouTube or save them into hard disk in any video layout. The video message applet encloses your video with 26 pre-designed frames and allows you to insert a text caption.

It may seem to be high space consuming software but in reality it requires less space. Movavi video editor provides almost all features which you may not find in other editing software. For quicker and faster operations this software is also available in 64 bit edition of windows. Both beginners and experienced person can use this software due to its simplicity. You can create professional and flawless videos in the matter of a few minutes.