Five home improvements that will increase house value

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increase house valueWith a plethora of home improvement programmes, websites and viral hacks, more and more home owners are turning their hand to home improvement, with varying degrees of success. While it is great to “have a go” at home improvement, it is important that your “improvements” don’t have a negative effect on your house value. You may not be planning on selling in the near future, but things such as amateur looking or unfinished work could have a significant impact on the saleability of your home in years to come.

When considering home improvements, it is a good idea to look beyond whether substandard work could have a negative impact on your house value, to simple home improvements that could increase the price of your property.

Make more space

Every potential home buyer loves space. Whether you are looking at a simple move around of furniture, knocking down walls or even removing a cumbersome kitchen island, the more you can create an impression of space, the more you will increase the value of your home. A kitchen island can be an asset to your home, providing additional storage space; however, if your kitchen has adequate storage, you can make your kitchen feel significantly bigger by moving the island. Equally, by removing a wall, you can allow more light into an area and optimise the space. Bear in mind, if the wall is a supporting wall, you will need to get a professional in to advise you and to ensure that sufficient structural support is put in place.

Invite light

Improving the lighting of your home can be as simple as installing dimmer switches or replacing old light bulbs. “Not a home improvement”, you say? Try changing all the dim or expired lightbulbs in the house, cleverly place lamps in some of the darker corners and use dimmer switches to create atmosphere. Those few simple steps can turn your home from dull and uninviting to warm and welcoming. If you want to undertake more significant home improvements, replace cracked, chipped or broken window panes and consider bringing in skylights or sun tubes to allow more natural light to enter your home.

Keen to be green

Going green isn’t just a question of ecological conscience; it can be a great economical investment too. There are currently a number of schemes that offer funding for green boilers and electricity; it may be worth exploiting them while you can to install solar panels or a new, environmentally efficient boiler. Green solutions can not only save you money; in the case of solar panels, they could even help you to earn some! You will benefit as long as you live in your green home and, if you ever come to sell, going green will improve your energy rating and make your house much more appealing to potential buyers.

Bring the inside outside

You don’t have to have acres of landscaped gardens to add value to your home. Bringing decking to even a simple, small courtyard garden can add pounds to your house value and give you a glorious outside space to enjoy those (rare) days of British summer!  Provided it is made of good quality materials and created to endure through the seasons, a decking area is a lovely place for you and your companions to sit and relax, making it an extension of your home, rather than an under-utilised outside area. A neat, well maintained and presented decking sells a certain lifestyle to future buyers, who will automatically imagine themselves relaxing in the sun with friends and family, while adding indisputable value to your home.

Think with your feet

You know that carpet, rug, or laminate that you have been meaning to replace but haven’t got round to it? That can make all the difference to your home. Whether you are considering home improvements for you, or to add value to your home, replacing worn flooring or hiring a professional floor cleaner can have a huge impact on the overall feel of a space. There are some surprisingly good laminate floorings on the market today, which means that you can quickly and easily improve your home without spending a huge amount of money. A light wooden floor will help add to the open, airy feel of your kitchen dining room, whilst clean, light carpets will instantly open up even the darkest of hall spaces.

Using a combination of these simple home improvements, you can change the way you and others view your home, making it feel light, warm, spacious and welcoming.  You can increase your enjoyment of the place that you and your family spend so much of your time in but, done well, your home improvements will act as an investment in your property, paying for themselves if, and when, you decide to move to new pastures.