Five Important Factors Homeowners Need To Look At While Paving The Landscape

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LandscapeWhen you think of landscaping, the instant images that flash through your mind are impeccably manicured lawns, picket fence and a porch lined with flowering plants. No one ever thinks of the paving, which is quite unfair actually. It is, after all, one of the first things to take care of, and also something, when nicely done singlehandedly manages to add so much class to the landscape. But to get the paving right, you need to get a few very important factors right.

The timeline

The timeline is of absolute essence when it comes to any landscaping. After all, every day costs precious money, and every delayed day makes your property look like a disaster. Therefore, it is important to have any doubts regarding the timeline sorted with the paving contractors. The best ones will always give you a specific timeframe. And if the contractor tells you anything along the lines of “Depends on the complexity”, just walk away.

The hidden costs

Where there is a contract, there is fine print. And where there fine print there is hidden cost. Paying a lot more than you initially anticipated or agreed upon, is so common, you could call it the con of the century. Ask them about every tiny bit of the paving process, right from the material they’ll be using to any extra expenses that may arise, and how do they intend to deal with last minute glitches.

The portfolio

The portfolio gives you a good sneak peek into the contractor’s work. And this is important because once the paving is done and you don’t like it, there’s not much you can do except whine about it for the rest of your life. The portfolio will let you know how creative the company can get and how they’ve dealt with challenges. Moreover, the willingness with which the contractor gives you the portfolio is a direct indication of how confident he is about quality work.

The protection

Warranties, guarantees, insurance, protection of landscaping or property while the work is in progress, all of these things help you make a decision that’s safe and give you enough value for money. You don’t want to be running around from pillar to post or spend double the amount of money in repairs, should anything go wrong. And of course, make sure all of this is written and signed and well-documented.

The raw materials

The choice of raw materials playsa huge role in how the end result will turn out. Different kinds of paving materials are used for different purpose. For a strikingly velvety finish with a touch of alfresco, there’s liquid limestone. For something budget-friendly, there’s gravel. For strength and durability, there’s granite. For texture and color, there’s slate. Simply put, there’s an amazing variety out there, you just have to do your research and identify your purpose.

Once you set the paving in place, every other element of landscaping pretty much finds its natural place in the place on its own. So, play your cards right, keep an open mind and don’t forget to do ample research!