Five Profitable Home Renovations That Will Never Let You Down

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Home RenovationsHome is where the heart is. And if you play your cards right, a few years down the lane, home will also be where the profit is. But, obviously to get to that point you need to make a few important changes in the current plan (if you haven’t already done so). So, where to start? And more importantly, which areas are most profitable? Well, we’ll make it easy for you. Take a look at five extremely profitable home improvements you won’t ever regret making.

1)   Keep it bright and airy

Given the current claustrophobic state of real estate, vast spaces are going to be nothing short of an unaffordable luxury. Therefore, now would be a good time for you get smart and go minimalistic on the home décor. Of late, people actually prefer an airy but smaller home, than a big house with slummy matchbox rooms cramped against each other. If you have tiny rooms and corners that are in the way of the flow of air and light, you might as well bring down a couple of walls. Openness creates an easier transition from one room to another, and makes the home a lot more inviting. Moreover, a well-lit and ventilated home also means an energy-efficient home.

2)   Landscaping

Excellent landscaping is your golden ticket to sky-high curb appeal. And the size or grandeur of it doesn’t even matter. A prim lawn or a quaint little outdoor kitchen goes a long, way in creating a first impression that’s pretty tough to compete with. Throw in comfy furniture; set up a little water feature, and keep the outdoors clean and weed-free. And if you can, try to add a deck or a patio- those things never let you down!

3)   An extra room

An extra room that doesn’t compromise on the space or airiness is always a dealmaker. But of course, you’ll need to do a lot of planning and brainstorming to pull this off successfully. Ideally, the best areas for adding an extra room are the attic and the basement. If you have a garage that extends as an arm from the main house, you can add a room above it. Sunrooms are awesome too, since they’re a perfect way to merge the outdoors with the indoors and impress every onlooker.

4)   Fix the kitchen

There’s a reason the kitchen is called the heart of the home. The kitchen is the busiest area of the house and the most important too. So, it should be safe as well as good-looking and functional. Upgrade to the sleek and efficient kitchen appliances. Make sure the cabinet doors aren’t falling off their hinges and the paint off their walls. Check for leaks- those are the grossest things to happen to area where the food is. Go for island counters. A good kitchen is the perfect balance between efficient, classy and homely.

5)   Paint

Honestly, there’s nothing a coat of paint can’t make look good. And it’s quite an inexpensive solution too! Paint any surface that requires paint, be it the walls, window frames and panes, doors, cupboards etc. You can tone down an otherwise dramatic room, or brighten a dull area, simply with the right choice of colors. However, if you have resale somewhere on the horizon, you might want to stay away from overtly independent expressions. As long as your paint is neat and isn’t threatening to fall apart in places, you can rest assured the home is looking significantly good.

All said and done, when it comes to home improvement, the list of areas to work on can get as unending as Rapunzel’s hair. But hey, at least now you know where to start!