Five Things To Think About When Looking For Rental Accommodation

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Rental AccommodationRental properties are a dime a dozen, but finding the right place can sometimes prove to a real chore. You may have a long list of potential properties, but what sounds great on paper is not necessarily such a good deal when you see the place for real. So how can you minimize the time it takes to find the right apartment or house?

Know Your Budget
Unless your company is paying for your accommodation and money is no object, you are likely to be limited by budget when looking for rental accommodation. Unfortunately, budget will play a big role in the type of property you can afford to rent, so be realistic and don’t go looking at apartments or houses that are way out of your price range. They might be lovely, but life won’t be so great when every cent of your income is going towards the rent.

Look in the Right Location
Unless you are looking for a rental property in a really remote location, there will be a wide range of different rental accommodation on offer. This is where a bit of local knowledge may come in handy. The last thing you probably want is to sign a tenancy agreement for a lovely cheap apartment, only to discover it is in the roughest part of town and your neighbors are all drug dealers. If you don’t know the area you are looking in, ask around for advice. Visit a few letting agents and ask for an overview of the area—hopefully they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Deal Breakers
There are bound to be some things you would like and some you can’t live without. For example, you may need access to public transport for work, so an apartment located miles away from the nearest train station or bus stop would be no good. You might also like to be in the middle of the local nightlife, but since this isn’t necessarily essential, it is not really a deal breaker. Make a list of desirable attributes and use this to help you make a decision, but be prepared to compromise, especially if you have a small budget to work with.

Meet the Neighbors
Ideally you need to get along with the people living close by, or in the case of shared accommodation, in the same property. Make a point of meeting them before you sign any kind of tenancy agreement or you could end up living in the apartment from hell.

Beware of Internet Rental Property Scams
If you are relocating to a different country, you may decide to look for accommodation online first. This is a good way of finding a suitable property, but there is a risk involved. Never agree to send a landlord or their agent money as a down payment until you are 100% sure the property is a legitimate rental. Pictures of rental properties are not always real, so always make arrangements to see the property and meet the agent before you sign anything.
Never rush into signing an agreement for a rental property. Do your homework first or you could end up living somewhere that is not suitable for your needs.