Flagship Merchant Services Review

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Merchant ServicesAccording to UsefulFinance.com – Flagship Merchant Services is a credit card processing services provider that has been in operation since 2001. It is one of the credit card service providers that have remained at the forefront of every new technology to bring merchants seamless services. The company was acquired by iPayment in 2012, a move that triggered instability in 2013 before the company stabilized in 2014.


Flagship services are compliant with Payment Card Industry regulations in the endeavor to protect users against fraud. To this end, the company features SSL encryption, card verification value (also called CVV2 and refers to the three digit number on the back side of the credit card) and address verification during login. All these features minimize fraud. Besides, Flagship requires that users establish their PCI compliance by allowing quarterly scans and filling an annual questionnaire. Flagship uses Authorize.net as the payment gateway to verify all the transactions in real time. This means that they can clear a payment and deposit your money in your bank within 24 hours.

Other that online services, the company offers POS (point-of-sale) terminal to merchants operating brick-and-mortar stores. This eases the process of checking out as they only need swipe buyers’ cards. Online stores can accept eChecks through the shopping carts offered by Flagship and also use their mobile to read credit cards through the mobile card reader they offer. If you find a challenge using any of the services, your flagship account representative will assist you.

Pricing and Fees

Flagship Merchant Services offer great prices as compared to other credit card processing services. You will be required to pay an annual PCI compliance fee of $99, a monthly minimum of $25 which can be negotiated, processing markup above the actual cost 0.30% + $0.10 and a statement fee of $7.95. If you are to get the $25 minimum offer, you must process $8,000 a month or more on the Flagship interchange-plus plan or you negotiate for a lower minimum if your volume is lower that the $8000 mark. Other fees include the PCI non-compliance additional fee of $19.95 monthly and the Authorize.Net gateway fee of $7.95. You can avoid the PCI non-compliance fee by completing the PCI questionnaire and allowing scans.

Customer Reviews on Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The company has received both positive and negative reviews on BBB. There are about 48 negative reviews on BBB and Flagship has addressed each of the issues with the customers except for two recent complains (at the time of writing this). Some of the complains include poor support and hidden charges. However, the business has received positive reviews too to its credit. Among the 27 positive reviews, most customers cite the great experience of working with account representatives, the fast turnaround of the transactions and the awesome security.

Terms of Use

Flagship approves about 98 percent of all the applicants. Setting an account with the company can take one day and then you can login to start enjoying the services. There are no account setup fees. Besides, you do not have to enter into a long term contract with the company and cancelling your account does not cost you any money so you can leave whenever you want.


Flagship Merchant Services offers a simple interface that makes it possible for users to navigate their site, has great features, their fees are great and generally their services are outstanding having in business for more than a decade. They are among the best in the credit card industry.