Freelancers Reap the Benefits of External Offices

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External OfficesThe majority of freelancers choose to work from home but as their businesses develop they often feel the need to expand into external office space. Freelancers find many locations across the UK including Office Space West End London and other major cities where they can manage their home-based business more efficiently from an external base.

Why do Freelancers Rent Offices?

There are many possible reasons that a freelancer may change their mind from working from home and move into an office and the main reasons are:

  • Limited space at home
  • Too distracted at home
  • No space for client meetings and conferences
  • Growth of the business
  • Employment of staff or working in conjunction with other professionals

Of course working from home has many benefits, especially for start-ups as there are no overheads and it can be a very cost effective way of starting out. However, the benefits of an external office are many.

The Benefits of External Office Space

Here are some of the most common benefits freelancers have found from moving into their own external office space away from the home.

Stable and Reliable Company Image

An office space which can act as your company’s permanent business address helps it appear more reliable. Once clients are aware you have a specific business address they may take you more seriously and respect your professional image.

Space for Meetings

As mentioned one of the reasons for needing office space is that freelancers find they need to meet with clients and they are unable to do so comfortably in their homes. Meeting clients in coffee shops and restaurants may seem like a good option but it doesn’t necessarily reflect well on your business and your expenses end up sky high. Your external office can easily act as a professional meeting space and your clients can simply step inside and discuss any business concerns.

Accommodate Co-Workers

If you’ve begun working in conjunction with other professionals or found the need to hire somebody for admin or finance support, for example, then your own office space may become necessary. It’s not always appropriate to work from home with other individuals and so providing a professional work space is the best option. It’s also great to work in the same room as your co-workers or referrers rather than always through a computer screen.

Filing Space

Most freelancers find a way to fit all their work materials into their home but it’s usually a tight squeeze. You can deck out your rented office with filing cabinets and utilize a proper system to ensure everything ends up in its proper place. It will make going home feel like a break rather than simply an extension of work.

Develop your Skills

If you choose to share your office space with other freelancers, as is often the case with the cost of office rentals, then you can soon find yourself learning new skills. If you’re a copy editor you might find yourself picking up some web design and development basics for example. Being around other like minded freelance individuals can only work in favour of your growing business.