Hair colors like the stars – Mixing Colors by Syoss

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Hair colorsAlmost everyone wanted to ever be styled as a star in Hollywood, where the fans are at your feet. How do they do it simply – always look so good? It is striking that their hair color always shimmers and shines. With the Mixing Colors by Syoss You can now emulate the stars and starlets, at least in terms of hair color.

The trendy, new hair colors reunite two shades that are matched. It serves as a base color solid foundation. The base is then reinforced with a colorful Fashionton. The results speak for themselves. The color seems much stronger than traditional hair colors is the case. In addition, the hair gets a glamorous sheen – just a la Hollywood.

Mixing Colors in his Syoss twelve different shades at. Among the most popular currently include cherry-red mix and Light Champagne Blonde Twist. Of course, the new color is also suitable for covering gray hair.

In short, the bastion of Mixing Colors can start the party in Hollywood.