High Speed Contact Less Printing With CIJ Printer

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CIJ PrinterWith an array of cutting edge features, CIJ printers are taking digital printing to all new exciting height. Whether seeking top quality printing solution for homes or for your office or for heavy duty printing needs for the manufacturing sectors, the article offers a glimpse into the world of CIJ printers.

Whether for home or office, for coding and marking or decorating your wall covering and furnishing, from printing glass and ceramics to textile and even electronics, continuous inkjet printing technology is giving all new direction to the digital printing markets worldwide. From enabling attractive marketing materials creation to facilitating cost effective commercial printing and coding, the CIJ printers are on the pinnacle of the current digital printing trends.

CIJ Printing Technology Explained:

Inkjet printing, which primarily involves a technique of transporting drops of ink from the print head nozzle on to a substrate, actually covers a host of related technologies. However the two most widely used inkjet technologies are drop on demand (DoD) and continuous inkjet (CIJ) technologies.

As opposed to DoD technology, in which, ink droplets are produced in response to a digital signal, CIJ printing involves the stimulation of a stream of liquid, which is continuously available on the print head. CIJ printers are designed to support high speed, non-contact, flexible printing in industrial environment. Both CIJ and DoD are widely used in graphical printing.

The Strong Points about CIJ Printer:

In addition to graphics, CIJ printers can be used for high quality printing of logo, bar codes and symbols. The CIJ printers are good at printing both text and alphanumeric.

CIJ printers are compatible with a wide variety of substrates including paper, metal, glass and plastic. The major application areas include: strips of medicines, milk cans and soda bottles, cardboard packages, cables and electronic components.

From smooth to texture and from flat to wavy—CIJ printers can enable high quality printing for a variety of products.

CIJ printers can be used to print things from a distance, thus helping to minimize product damage during printing.

Most of the CIJ printer models are network-capable, meaning they enable real time information transfer.

The users can choose from a range of fluid options to meet different types of printing needs.

Advanced Features in Sophisticated CIJ Models:

These day’s products are marked with various product traceability codes for easy tracking of the products. CIJ printers facilitate small character printing of a variety of fonts in different directions. By helping you achieve a printing speed as high as 1,000 feet per minute, CIJ printers offer an efficient way of marking and coding your products from a distance.

CIJ technology is designed to handle complex coding and marking needs, where a combination of speed is involved. The advanced CIJ printers are designed to support heavy duty industrial printing, while minimizing the common coding errors.

CIJ facilitates clean, no-spill printing, while ensuring the optimum utilization of fluids. Today’s advanced CIJ printers are capable of verifying whether the right fluid is being used in the container and in case the fluid is incorrect, the printer will simply refuse to start. These features help avoid costly damages and help reduce operating costs.

Fit for both curved and flat surfaces, CIJ printers can help you print or mark a range of substrates. Some models boast essentially office-centric features, while most CIJ models have been designed keeping the industrial applications in mind. There are some CIJ printers, which can be utilized to meet both home and office needs. There is an array of top brands to choose from, the only thing is: keep your printing needs and circumstances in mind before choosing your printer.