How Can More People Be Encouraged To Go Green?

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Encouraged To Go GreenGiven what we now know about climate change and global warming, it is impossible to ignore the need we all have, as individuals and collectively, whether as a family, a government, or a business, to become more environmentally friendly and aware in how we live our lives.

At the same time, getting the message across seems to be impossible in some cases. While this is partly down to the continuing existence of some people who deny the evidence in front of them, the biggest problem is that people still either don’t know what they have to do, or refuse to do anything regardless.

How can more people be encouraged to go green?

Staggered Energy Costs

It isn’t difficult to work out how much energy each home uses; this is what the carbon footprint principle is all about. Therefore, surely it is possible to stagger energy costs so that when energy usage hits a level deemed wasteful, the price goes up. This won’t penalize those who live in big houses or have a large family, because these things can be taken into consideration.

On the other side of the fence, it would be easy to organize cheaper rates or bill rebates for those who regularly come in well under the average energy spend. If a person understood how reduced any usage related to them in terms of an extra night out each month, or their digital TV subscription, then they are far likelier to take positive action.

You could also bring an initiative into play that relates to recycling and rubbish sent to landfill, although this would probably be harder to measure and manage accurately.

Bring Green to Them

While spoon-feeding people to get them to do something positive isn’t ideal, sometimes that is going to be the only way to make things happen.

Buildings are becoming more eco-friendly all the time, with materials like ETFE foil now widely seen on both residential and commercial structures around the world. By utilizing such materials, construction companies are immediately reducing the energy usage of the building. However, obviously the building does need to be paid for, so in terms of residential properties it may be a case of people paying higher rent for a period.

Such a measure is bound to be controversial, but it delivers in terms of the bigger picture.

Product Giveaways

Sometimes, all it takes is a giveaway of a free product in order to encourage people to take action. Businesses or Government groups could use many things in order to get more people on board. Energy meters have been a popular giveaway in the past, albeit without much success. Water saving devices, such as shower flow controllers, or kitchen caddies to promote food composting and recycling, might also be good ideas.

Again, putting everything on a plate for people is not ideal, but with an issue as important as this, it might be the only option.

Going Greener

As individuals and as a global population, we simply have to go greener; there are no two ways about it. The challenge is not knowing what to do, but getting everyone to do it.