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How Much Would The Coming Gold IPhone 5S Cost If It Had Diamonds Too?

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IPhone 5SWith Apple’s press conference just around the corner (September 10th, to be precise) the entire tech world is buzzing about the expected release of the iPhone 5S.  Though the release of an iPhone 5S is not even yet confirmed, it is highly expected and anticipated.  According to many reports, the new iPhone 5S will be an updated version of the 5.  Though the casing of both the 5 and 5S will be the same, meaning the same dimensions and weight, the components inside the phone are what will count.  The new phone is expected to contain a higher quality camera, an upgraded A7 processor for faster speeds, and even possibly a fingerprint scanner for an added layer of security.

Changing it up
Although still just speculation, new photos have leaked featuring a gold colored iPhone 5S.  This would be an additional color added to the previously existing lineup of white/silver and black/slate colored iPhone 5s.  Note that the gold iPhone is still made of the same metal, but is simply a different color and not actually made of the precious metal.  The color, a champagne gold, is very understated.  It is not too flashy, but not so bland that it fails to differentiate itself from the silver colored iPhone.  Though, for some, this gold may not be as flashy as they had hoped for.  With so many people buying flashier jewelry, cars plated with precious metals, and, according to the blog Curbed LA, Swarovski crystal-encrusted refrigerators (purchased for Kanye and Kim’s new $11 million mansion), there is an increasing trend to find the most gaudy and glamorous items and accessories money can buy.  So we figured, with this in mind, why not make the new gold iPhone 5S a bit more glamorous?

Throw Some Diamonds on that Phone
We figured the best way to add some additional “glam” to the new gold-colored iPhone 5S would be to, in the vein of Kanye and Kim’s new fridge, encrust it with diamonds.  We’ve seen many examples of diamond-encrusted iPhones in the past, but we feel that it would best fit this new golden 5S.  According to PCMag online tech magazine, an iPhone 5 model was created that was made of solid gold and encased with 653 diamonds.  This solid gold diamond-encrusted phone sold for a whopping $15 million.  Now, the iPhone we would be placing diamonds in wouldn’t be solid gold, nor gold at all, so we found a more fitting – and affordable – example on Mashable.com. The altered phone we found was built upon a regular iPhone 4 casing – no precious metals here.  Retailing for $20,000, the phone contained 6.5 carats of “VVS quality, F-color diamonds.”

Try Those Diamonds Out on an iPhone 5S
We figured that since the iPhone 5S casing will have a slightly larger surface area than the iPhone 4, that the price would be slightly higher, somewhere in the $25,000 range.  Now that’s quite a price tag, though not a very big one compared to the $15 million iPhone 5 model, but still substantially higher than the expected $199 price tag for the regular iPhone 5S model.  Still, if you’re looking for an iPhone 5S with diamonds, you’ll need to wait until Apple’s press conference on September 10th to see if they even announce the release of the 5S.  Expected to be released along with the new iPhone 5S is the iPhone 5C, a cheaper plastic iPhone model that will contain less powerful components, but function the same as the 5S.  Both phones are very exciting, and the possibility of this new color for the iPhone 5S has us even more excited.  Though not shipping encrusted with diamonds, we know that soon enough we’ll see someone altering the 5S in the aftermarket in order to attain the level of glamor that some people desire.