How The Smallest Changes Can Make The Biggest Difference To Your Home

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HomeWhen creating your interior design, something that’s important to realise is that the ‘devil is in the details’. In other words, while a room is more than the sum of its parts, it’s still certainly the case that tiny changes can make a huge impact. As such, a single new purchase, or just slightly twisting a table in a certain direction can make all the difference and change the whole tone of the room. Don’t believe me? Then consider how different your bedroom looks when the bed is made as opposed to being left untidy. It’s huge right? Well the same goes for just about every other change.

With this in mind then, it follows that you actually don’t have to do all that much work to transform your home. As long as you know where to focus your energy, you can make your rooms look a thousand times better in a few minutes or with just one relatively cheap purchase. To help you do just that, let’s take a look at some of the smallest tweaks that will help to really improve your home.

Removing the Net Curtains

If you currently have net curtains in your rooms then I recommend removing them. While these might be useful for privacy and for helping to keep out bugs when the windows are open, they actually block a lot of light which will make your rooms look smaller and darker. Remove them and notice the difference.

Clean the Windows

Likewise, to let more light in and make a bigger impact, try wiping down the window. It will really make the whole room look brighter and cleaner.

Get a Mirror…

…And place it opposite the window. This will reflect the light around the room and essentially create the impression that you have two mirrors.

Add a Bookcase

Bookcases are fantastic additions to any home. They fill up whole walls making your rooms look less empty, they create a homely and studious feeling and they create a feeling of warmth. Add a standing light and a couple of pictures and your room will look far more cosy.

Use Blinds

Blinds are great because they can be opened to different extents allowing you to let in the precise amount of light you want. They’re also much ‘tidier’ than curtains thereby making your room look less cluttered.

Remove the Clutter From On Top of the Wardrobe

A lot of us stuff our unused items on top of wardrobes and book cases ‘out of the way’ thinking that this will make the space tidier. Actually though we register that on an unconscious level and feel more claustrophobic as a result. Try removing them and notice the difference.

Take the Items Out From Behind the Sofa and Under the Bed

The same goes for under the bed and behind the sofa. If you want to put something away, it should be completely out of site.

Add a Coffee Table

A coffee table can really transform a living room by giving you a surface on which to stand drinks and books that doesn’t block your line of vision.

There are many more small changes you can make to your home too. Try these little tweaks and then see how much your rooms improve!