How To Choose The Perfect Shower For Your New Bathroom

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BathroomWhen it comes to getting a new shower installed, many people are actually surprised at how many choices there are available. Showers now come in all kinds of designs which all have their own interesting ways of helping you get clean, and the style that is best for you is going to depend on a number of factors. If you are thinking about what kind of shower to get, here are some things you may want to consider:

Do You Need To Be Able To Remove the Head?
In some showers, the head or heads where the water comes out are in a fixed point on the wall. This means you stand under it and you have little control over where the water goes. This kind of shower can often deliver a good amount of pressure and lets you keep your hands free, but it does lack some flexibility. For example, if you don’t like to wash your hair every time you shower, it can be very hard to keep it dry in this type of shower. If you have a head that is on a hose and can be removed from the wall, it can be easier to do this and it will also be better if you need to do things where you want to aim the water at a very specific thing, such as if you are trying to wash dye out of your hair and need to work the water into it with more accuracy than just standing under a shower. Removable heads can also be better for children, or even if you want to use your shower to wash your dog!

Cubicle or Curtain?
Do you want a shower cubicle you can walk into, or would you prefer to combine a shower unit with your bath and have it sectioned off with a screen or curtain? A shower that is in your bath saves space and still gives you the practicality of having the use of a shower as well as a bath tub, but it can be tricky to use as stepping into and standing up in a bathtub can be slippery and also painful or dangerous for people with leg injuries. If you are older or have older relatives to visit often, avoiding falls like these is important, so it can be wiser to choose a shower that can be accessed more easily, or even one that can be used sitting down.

Lighting and Sound
With technology today it is now possible to have lights, radios and even telephones that can be used in the shower, so if you want to make your bathroom renovations a little more hi-tech than average, why not look into some beautiful mood lighting (for example with colour changing LED lights) and a sound system you can use while you are in the shower! This can make even the toughest morning a really relaxing and refreshing experience, and is sure to impress your friends when they come to visit!

Choosing the right shower is about a mix of practicality and preference, as well as about making the most of the latest technology to find something you’ll truly love using.