How to Organize Your Garage

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garage cleaningGetting Your Garage Clean and Organized
All too often the garage becomes a type of junk drawer where boxes of who knows what collects along the walls. By removing the garage of clutter, it’s possible to put a lot of that wasted space to better use and save a lot of time searching for last year’s Halloween decorations or untangling Christmas lights. With a little luck, it may be possible to fit a second car in there.

Empty Your Garage
Start by emptying your garage. Once everything is out you can sweep and dust the entire space. This is all a great opportunity to see what is taking up the most space in your garage.

Garage Sale
Sift through all those all boxes and see what you want to keep and what can be thrown away. The easiest way to go through everything is to sort everything into piles, keep, donate, and throw away. You may be surprised how many treasures you come across and how much trash is left over. Once all the junk has been thrown out, consider having a garage sale for other items to make some extra cash while simultaneously clearing space in the garage.

If selling items with sentimental value or of real value doesn’t sound appealing, it may be a good idea to rent a storage unit. Storage units are especially good for holding sensitive items like art work, antique furniture or heirlooms. Not only are these belongings safe in a storage unit, they are kept away from the elements and will remain in good condition.

Decide on which items may be better in a storage unit and research the appropriate size. Storing seasonal items can be a great way to free up space.

Spring Cleaning
With the garage cleared out, it’s much easier to tidy up the place. Take this opportunity to sweep up or give the garage a new paint job. Go through remaining boxes to see what’s left. For example, screws, nails and washers can be organized into coffee cans for DIY projects later. After everything is cleaned and simplified, consider labeling boxes and containers so it’s easy to determine their contents in the future without having to open them.

Consider adding racks and built in storage. You can store lawn equipment, bikes and other items on racks which will help maximize your space. Taking advantage of horizontal space is a great way to utilize all the space efficiently.

Always label everything clearly and with the label facing out. Labels will help with organization but will also help with staying on top of where to put things in the future.

Another great idea is to create zones and store items in their respective area. Store related items in a zone for organization.

Cleaning and organizing the garage doesn’t have to be a chore. After holding a garage sale or storing some things away, you’ll be so much happier to see the extra space you have for parking and storage in your garage.