Ideas To Convert Your Garage Into A Home Office

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garage_officeNowadays most of the people hardly use their garage to park their cars. So every time you look at your garage don’t you think a huge amount of space is going to utter waste?!Whereas when you look at your home it is practically bursting at the seams. There is no space for you at all where you can work seamlessly without any distraction. You have a room dedicated to everything from your T.V to the gym to your laundry but yourself.

And in today’s date when work-from-home is a common option among many professionals. With just a little bit of re-jigging and refurbishing your garage,  you can have your very own home office.All you need is a little bit of creativity and few tips and tricks to convert your garage into your very own home office. So, here are a few points to keep in mind before taking up the task of revamping your garage to your new home office.

  1. New Paint Job

The garage is generally one of the tedious area of the home as not much thought is put into it when designing it initially. The quickest way to liven up the area is a brand new paint job! Give your garage a fresh new look by painting it in nice bright and light colours. A bright yellow or green and pink have always done the trick. Or better yet, paint different colours on different walls. It not only livens up the room but also makes the room look bigger.

  1. Storage Containers

I’m sure we all use the garage as a dumping ground for all the thanksgiving and Christmas decorations which we all use once a year or months old newspapers and magazines which are scattered around in the garage for all year round. Two words: storage containers. Store those items neatly in well labelled storage containers and tuck them away to make room for your office designs. Storage containers not only helps you in stacking your things up but it also gives a very uniform look overall. Make sure the storage containers are of the same size so that they can be easily stacked and look uniform and neat as well.

  1. Lighting

Garages are often built in such a way that they are not the ideally lit. They give a duller and dim look which is not ideal for the home office. Make sure your office design incorporates the right lighting according to where it is necessary. Especially around your office table or where your computer is. Lighting is very essential for your home office to give it a more professional look.

  1. Temperature

Most garages lack the year round temperature suitability. They can be really hot in summers and  cold in winters, which is not ideal when you are working long hours trying to get the work done. You may have to consider the idea of adding windows to the garage or wiring your garage with your home to regulate its temperature. If that’s not possible you can always use the portable heaters for the winters and portable air conditioners or fans for summers.

  1. Clientele Appeal

If your work requires clients to visit you every now and then. It is important that the office design should be a blend of professionalism as well as catering to your needs in mind. For the seating area, you can use leather couches as they will add a bit of corporate feel to space. If there is a constraint of space one can with little creativity use the small coffee table with matching chairs to give it a professional plus personal touch.

  1. Personal Touch

The office is where the work gets done. But since it’s your home office don’t forget to add a personal touch. Compliment your home office with an entertaining area with your LCD or music system. If you are an avid reader a nice bookshelf with your collection of books and a nice couch. Complete the look with decorative stuff like framed family pictures and some the throw pillows and small rugs. Making your home office cosy yet productive.

  1. Electrical Connections

Install a wireless router in your garage so that you are actively connected to the internet without any complications. Hire a contractor or architect who can guide you in designing your office according to your needs and where you can position your electrical equipments accordingly. This will help you in avoiding the unnecessary hassle of using extension cords to connect your various electrical gadgets and equipments.

  1. Security

Make sure your garage is secure with anti-theft alarms and proper locking facilities. As the garage happens to be one of the vulnerable places of your home where the thieves have easy access to. So while laying out the anti theft alarm security make sure your garage is included in it. And also make sure all your costly equipments are insured. There is nothing wrong with taking extra precautions.

  1. Roof

Most of the roofs of the garage are generally not that water tight. The garage roof would definitely need an upgrade. Proper sealing and tiling of the garage’s roof is of utmost importance. So that no inconvenience or damages are caused to the furniture, the electrical equipments and various other documents and lying around during the rainy season or any impromptu downpour.

  1. Flooring

In order to cut cost,  most of the garages only have concrete flooring. Flooring is important as it not only adds grace to your office design. It also provides insulation. Consider installing tiles or wooden flooring to give your home office a more sleek and professional looks. Plus it makes the garage more welcoming.

  1. Planning Permission

You have got your plans made from the architect and decided what to do with your office design. But make sure you have the required planning permission. Generally, you don’t usually need planning permission to convert your garage. That being said there is no harm in checking rather than have a violation in your hands.

In the end, how well your garage is built will determine the cost. You can do most of the conversion yourself if you are on a string budget. But even if you do spend more than you anticipated you will finally have space for yourself which you can call it as your own.

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