Imagine your new kitchen with 3D software

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kitchen 3D softwareFor most families, the kitchen is the busiest room in the house, and this is even more true for families that are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. More and more people are opting to cook from scratch so that they can have control over the kinds of food that they eat.

It’s hard to cook nutritious, tasty meals from scratch if your kitchen is small, cramped, cluttered or outdated. If you’re struggling to get the motivation to spend more time in your kitchen, why not treat yourself to a new layout? You can experiment with your kitchen layout using design software, and then invite the kitchen design fitters round to measure up once you’re happy with the way things look.
Kitchen Design Software
There are lots of different kitchen design software programs available, both as desktop applications and apps that run inside your browser. Many of the free apps contain products made by the people who provided you with the app itself, so you can be confident that everything you use in the app is really available for sale. Some good apps to try include:

Don’t worry about the term “3D” being in the title. These apps are drag-and-drop apps that are easy to use. If you’re not confident in your ability to use the software, you can start with a pre-made template and just make small changes to the layout until you get a design that you like.

Think Triangularly!
The first thing to think about when making your design is the kind of cooking you do the most. Kitchen designers like to talk about the “triangle” in the kitchen. This includes the oven, fridge and sink – the three most frequently used parts of the kitchen. Make sure that those three areas are easy to get to, and that anything else you will use a lot, such as the blender or the microwave, will also be able to reach. If you do a lot of baking or preparing vegetables, give yourself plenty of floor space to work with.

Try Different Designs
Don’t be afraid to try several different designs. Remember that it’s better to put together lots of designs on your computer than it is to rush to spend money on a design and then regret it once all the counters are installed. Be realistic about the amount of storage space that you need in your kitchen, and remember that you can build up (using tall cupboards) as well as out. Look at some of your favourite recipes and think about how easy they would be to cook in your new layout. Will you run out of counter space? Will you find yourself having to reach over a hot stove to get something from an awkward cupboard? Plan for those things now.

The Small Things in Life
Don’t forget about small items such as knives and spoons, or items such as loose spices. Consider adding a spice rack or a wall-mounted knife block to your design while you’re still playing with the computer software. It’s those little touches that will make the difference between a boring kitchen and a truly functional one that suits your lifestyle. Storage trays, blocks and hangers will save you a lot of time if you put them in the right place.

Adding Appliances
If you have room in your budget, consider buying some new appliances at the same time as you re-design your kitchen. A dedicated juicer is a great time-saver for someone who currently juices with a traditional blender, and a bread maker will save you a lot of money compared to buying supermarket bread. Home-made bread is often healthier, too, since it contains fewer preservatives. Other additions such as a rice cooker or an air fryer can be big time-savers too, and will help you cut down on unhealthy foods.

Design Health into your Kitchen
Base your kitchen design around your typical cooking habits, and around the lifestyle that you want to lead. The easier it is for you to make good food choices, the less tempted you will be to eat out, or to order a takeaway. You’ll be far more likely to stick to your diet if you actually enjoy cooking.