Importance Of Frequent Inspections To Avoid Termites

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TermitesEveryone wants a sturdy and beautiful house forever. However, only few people realize that they need to put in efforts to achieve this desire. Termites have always been a threat to infrastructures since they can ruin the building and lead to severe problems. This is why inspection of the property on a regular basis becomes essential. Unlike other insects, termites cannot be spotted easily since they enter buildings via cracked groundwork. They multiply rapidly in warm and damp weather conditions. They exist in colonies and live on wooden things, insulation and on books.

Inspection of Outer Building

A house owner must inspect the windowsills as well as other wood surfaces properly. If a person taps the wood and feels that it is hollow, then it indicates presence of termites. Drywood termites lead to heaps of sawdust. One must see that there are no leakages since this leads to high moisture content in walls and other wooden structures. This ultimately attracts termites. Also, wood that is in direct contact of soil is likely to serve as an origin for termite growth. Therefore, if there is huge lawn or backyard of a house, one must be very careful.

Inspection of Inner Building

If there is a basement in a building, one must start checking from there since the area is likely to have a higher temperature and humidity level, a condition favorable for termites. However, checking the basement only is not enough. One must check all the rooms as well as the attic to avoid any risk. If one finds sawdust, he must understand that he needs to take an immediate action. A common indication of termite presence is sagging ceilings and floors. One can use a screwdriver to check wooden door frames. If these are soft and damaged, this is a clear indication. Wooden closets or other structures should also be properly cleaned and checked at regular intervals.

Hiring a Pest Professional

If a person finds indications of the presence of the insect, he must not waste time further and contact a company that offers termite control solutions. Tone can request the company to send a representative to inspect the condition. The professionals are trained and can easily find the source of origin. They inspect every room and corner to check the status and then suggest solutions accordingly. If the damage is severe, the professional might even suggest installation of new frames with proper treatment. If a person takes right action in time, chemicals can be used to eradicate the insects.

Precautions That Can Help

One can avoid termites in the house by taking a few simple precautions. The most important one is to see that there is no water seepage. When water seepage occurs, moisture travels from one area to the other through the walls which mean that chances of termite growth increases. Woodwork especially in areas like bathrooms and kitchens must be regularly checked and treated with chemicals as the humidity level is very high here. One must avoid keeping very old books with the new ones since termites can easily grow in the old ones and then can move to other areas. Frequent termite treatment is necessary for beautiful and strong structures as delaying only means expensive damage control.