Incompetent DIY Shops

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I don’t expect the staff at DIY shops to be geniuses and that is just as well because the people at my local superstore are not going to be contestants on mastermind any time soon. Every time I visit this place it is like taking part in a comedy sketch and I never know if the last laugh is going to be on me or them! Is it really too much to ask that the staff have at least a basic knowledge of the store and its products and why don’t the automated systems work properly?

Detective Work

These DIY superstores can be vast places. My local shop is huge and hunting down the things you need can be a nightmare. Sadly the staff often don’t have a clue where anything is either and so a short trip to pick up just a couple of items can turn into a major expedition. Sometimes I think I should take a picnic such is the duration of some of my visits. Staff not knowing where products are is bad enough but it is even worse when they confidently send you to aisle 54 which is about two miles away and then turn out to be wrong. Since I started decorating my home I have cancelled my gym membership because I get enough exercise looking for skirting board and coving.

Stock Issues

When you have finally managed to track down what you are looking for you then have the inevitable disappointment of discovering that the shelf is bare or that there are not enough items in stock to fulfil your needs. This can be infuriating when special offers are available for buying a certain number of things or spending over a certain value. I had three attempts at buying the 11 door handles I needed because either everyone else in the universe had settled on the same ones or perhaps the shop were not very good at stock control. What do you think?

Damaged Goods

If you have managed to locate what you need and it is miraculously in stock your troubles are not over. A high proportion of the goods seem to be damaged. This is another reason why gym membership has been rendered unnecessary. Moving 12 interior doors around to find the one that does not have a chunk taken out of it is heavy work and don’t talk to me about granite work tops!


Once you have filled your trolley it is time to go to the checkouts. This is where the picnic really comes in handy as the queues are always horrific. There is no point using the wonderful self-service machines as these never seem to be programmed properly. Many special offers just don’t register which means you have to call over a member of staff and that is where your problems really begin! The good news is that when you do finally reach the till if your store is anything like mine you will get a nice surprise when you see you bill. The staff are not programmed properly either and every time I go in the place they don’t scan everything on the trolley and get I a load of freebies. It is a pity they don’t sell the oak furniture and decorative lamps that I need!

Fitness Campaign

I know I should say something when they get it wrong but by the time I get to the checkout I have lost the will to live and I consider my free items to be compensation for the trauma. At least I am now much fitter. If you are trying to achieve your 10,000 steps a day forget walks in the country and the local gym just go to B&Q!