Italian Summer Party Food in Under 15 Minutes: Super-fast and Delicious!

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wineNo need to set the table for this dinner party: all you will need is plates and boards and these fantastic Party Food ideas to create the ultimate Italian buffet!

1) Cheese Board with a Selection of Honeys, Jams and Jellies

First and foremost, a buffet is not a buffet without a cheese platter and a selection of dips! Make this fantastic, Italian-style cheese platter and set it as your central piece on a wooden board: delicious and stunning!

You will need:

A selection of at least 4 different cheeses: You can choose any from our range of Italian favourites:






Parmigiano Reggiano

A selection of honey, jams and jellies: Choose at least two types of honey, three jams and one jelly from:

Acacia Honey

Millefiori Honey

Truffle Honey

Organic Fruits Honey

Bergamot Marmalade

Bitter Orange Marmalade

Tropea Onion Jam

Chilli Jam

Extra Fig Jam

Chianti Wine Jelly


Alternatively, you can find a ready-made Italian Cheese Platter on our online shop with our own selection of cheese and jams made just for you!


Cut the cheese in slices and squares and place your choice of dips in small, ceramic bowls. Place your platter at the centre of your buffet as a centrepiece. Add a bunch of grapes and a few fresh strawberries to eat with the cheese and also to elegantly decorate the platter.

2) Bread, Breadsticks and Cracker Selection With Dips

Choose your favourite breads, breadsticks, crackers, pitta bread etc or if you feel like spending a few minutes next to the BBQ you could make some crispy bruschetta to top with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and some of our favourite toppings. We also have an amazing Pane Carasau, a Sardinian speciality crispy bread which is well worth a try, that can be used as it is or warmed up slightly and dipped in olive oil.

Choose from the following tasty but healthy toppings:

Porcini mushroom patè

Rocket and pistachio patè

Sundried tomato, almond and pistachio patè

Spicy spreadable Calabrian ‘Nduja

Chilli pepper patè

Green and black olive patè


You can place the toppings in small ceramic bowls and let your guests dip the bread and crackers in them or, alternatively, spread them on the warm bruschette and arrange on large platters in the middle of the table!

3) The Under-Oil Section


To make your Party Food all the more Italian, you can’t miss the Under-Oil section or ‘sott’oli’! This is a tempting selection of vegetables that have been preserved in extra virgin olive oil in airtight jars. These delicacies can be eaten just as they are or on bread and crackers.

You can choose from:

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Sweet and Sour Tropea Onions

Calabrian Cracked Olives

Shredded Aubergines


Place these in separate dishes on your buffet table, they will add wonderful colour and a real Mediterranean feel.

If you want to add some light fish to your buffet, consider adding some mackerel fillets or famous Amalfi Coast anchovies to the Under-oil selection.

4) The Sweet Corner

A perfect summer buffet can’t miss a sweet corner for your guests to indulge in. Chocolates are usually the all-time favourite but we can spice everything up by adding some dried figs dipped in chocolate and cinnamon or some sweet and colourful Sicilian marzipan fruits.

You could also serve some fresh fruit of your choice such as banana slices, strawberries, apple slices, pineapple slices and fresh mango fingers and drizzle them with our delicious fig syrup for a sweet but fresh, fruity finale!


Place al the chocolate and dried fruit bites in a circle on a large plate. In the centre, heap the fresh fruit and add the syrup. Decorate with a few fresh flowers and place on the far side of the buffet.

You could double up on each of the platters to give a symmetrical look to your buffet and make it even more appealing even to the eye J.

5) Top it all Off With Wine and Prosecco


A buffet cannot be a buffet if you don’t add some bubbles to the picture! Here at Vorrei we have some amazing organic wines and Prosecco to choose from such as: Negroamaro Terranova, a full, strong red or Prosecco col Fondo, an amazing organic Prosecco you can taste as it is or by shaking it and activating its natural yeasts which will slightly change its flavour and fizziness. We also have some amazing whites such as the Falanghina Rami DOC or the Chardonnay Amantiglio.

For a cold, party food buffet we would suggest some chilled whites and light Proseccos which you can keep in an ice bucket underneath your table. Nevertheless, if you love reds, choose your favourite and have it at room temperature. You might want to decant the wines before serving them, this means placing them in a glass decanter and letting them oxygenate for 20-30 minutes before drinking.

All that is left now is to enjoy your evening and have fun with your guests! No need to be slaving over a hot stove to create a magical spread!

Check out our website for all of the products we mentioned in this article, as well as previous blog posts where you’ll find a range of easy recipes that you could prepare earlier on and enjoy with your buffet.