Know How to Give Life to cartoons with Movavi Video Editor

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Movavi Video EditorIf you are looking for software that can make attractive cartoons, you can stop your search at the Movavi Video Editor. You not only learn how to make a cartoon, but get a good deal of knowledge about picture videos too. Cartoons are not just for the kids today. They are used in almost anything from politics to entertainment to any social cause. Cartoons are a great way to convey even serious messages because pictures or videos have a lasting impact than text.

It is better to go through tutorial and guidelines of Movavi to know about the correct usage of the two. But before starting the edit work, you need to decide about the type of cartoons you want.

  1. Cartoons from live objects like clay toys, paper dolls and toys.
  2. Handmade or digital sketches of cartoon.

You will need to take pictures of the real cartoon objects and use them for the digital cartoon video. Make sure that you take pictures from various angles so that you get the perfect shot. After transferring the photos to your system, add and edit them with the video editor. You might want to add some captions or frames to them and enhance the look. You need to select the audio files that you want to add to the videos beforehand. There might be some quotes or media which you want to add to the cartoon video. While adding the images, don’t forget to add these additional files too.

Quick Look into the Making

  • Arrange the photos in the order in which you want them to appear in the video.
  • The mode of the working area should be turned on to Storyboard for the video making.
  • There is a timer that needs to be set for each frame or file which you want to add in the video.
  • The duration of the frames can be adjusted with the timer and must be set correctly.
  • The Timeline mode is used for adding audio to the movie.
  • The audio files can be trimmed if they are longer than the length of the video.

There is a great feature to get rid of the unnecessary audio parts from the main audio track. Select the required part of the audio with the red marker and click on Delete to complete the audio adjustments. You can add many transitions and filters to the video like some text or message bubble coming up with the cartoons. Finally, the video has to be saved in the desired format as per the user’s choice and can be shared across the net.