Making a cordon-bleu meal at home

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cordon-bleu mealCordon-bleu is fast becoming an American classic. Originating in the 1940’s, the dish consists of a breaded chicken breast rolled around pork meat, soft cheese and then fried or baked.

Many restaurants around the world will claim to make the best, but who says you have to leave the comfort of your own home to have it? Here is a guide to making the perfect cordon-bleu dish, without travelling halfway round the world or paying over the odds.

Use quality ingredients- regardless of the dish you make, the quality of the ingredients means you’re more likely to make a quality meal, and cordon bleu is no exception. Firstly, pick your ingredients wisely, use a good quality chicken breast and choose a ham and cheese to suit you and your guests’ tastes. Italian hams such as prosciutto and Parma ham will work excellently. When it comes to the cheese, a soft cheese will bring the best results. A blue cheese such as Saint Argur, Roquefort or Danish blue will work well, or for the milder palate, use mozzarella or mascarpone.

Techniques- every chef or home cook around the world will have their own guide to making a cordon-bleu meal but its best to find techniques that suit you. If you find a method that works for you, don’t change it. For the chicken, it’s always a good idea to tenderise it first for best results and remember to season it.

The authentic way to make it is to butterfly the chicken and then put in the filling, however, this technique may not work for the novice as the ingredients may fall out and ruin the dish. Instead, simply make an incision in the chicken and fill with the cheese and ham. When it comes to the cooking; frying or baking are the most effective depending on your preference.

Appliances to use- The best way to make high quality food is to use the very best appliances. Britannia Living has an extensive range of premium kitchen appliances; the Chef Top and Rotisserie products work excellently to help make your dishes a success. Remember; to produce the finest cuisine, you need to use excellent pieces of apparatus.

Don’t stop at chicken- this dish is classically made with chicken, but other poultry like duck or turkey will also work brilliantly. Just remember to use a suitable ham and cheese that will complement your chosen meat.

Serving suggestions- this dish is complemented well by a creamy sauce such as mustard or peppercorn. Any form of potato dish will also work well, along with most vegetables.