Male Dog Names Made Easy

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Male Dog Dog and humans have always had a special relationship. Canines are in many ways considered to be one of the family not just because we love them so much but because of their undying loyalty and affection towards us.  And when you consider that they are such an important part of our lives, it’s clear that you’ll need to come up with a name for your pooch that is not just good but great.  But when thinking about naming your pet you’ll need to do a little reading and some thinking first so here’s your intro to male dog names.

Male vs Female

Why choose a male dog anyway? There are many fantastic reasons to pick a male dog over a female but of course it does come down to preference, while some owners aren’t bothered which sex their pet is. In general however, boy dogs are known to be more stable and much less moody than girls.  They are often more protective but also at the same time more affectionate towards their owners while females are generally on the independent side.  With a boy dog, you also won’t have to worry about him getting pregnant or going into heat.


When considering dog names male options are quite different from female ones especially because they often are often meant to show off how masculine or tough they are.  An easy way to come up with something to call your pet is to think about what your dogs function or job may be. While some are just house pets a huge number around the world are used for jobs like hunting, guarding, and therapy.  Many canines are also used by law enforcement officials and the military.  Naming a dog something that has to do with its job is natural and easy and can also show off your dog’s special abilities and skills.  For example if your dog was a hound or used for finding contraband you could simply name it “Sniffer” or something along those lines it’s that simple.  Another way to go about it is to use a name that has something to do with that skill. If your dog was or is used by the police or military you might want to name it something that has to do with a rank in one of these groups like “Captain.”

Looks and More

Another incredibly simple way to come up with some of the best male dog names are just by taking a good look at your pooch and his natural features.  This really could be anything about his appearance.  There are a ton of easy names you could use if your dog is very large in size such as “Goliath” or small like “Tiny”.  But of course you can get a little more creative.  The color or markings on a dog can also give you an endless amount of choices like if your dog was black “Midnight” might work.  If it had different colored paws “Socks,” might work as well.   Many owners are often looking to be a little more creative and unique than simply picking something that has to do with their pooches skills or color.  By picking a name that has to do with your dog’s individual personality you are doing just that. Cool dog names can always quickly be come up with by using names of famous characters in books and movies too so don’t forget to think about them as well.

Your dog is a special member of your family, so you owe it to him take your time and come up with a name that fits him but that’s also fantastic.  From cute male dog names to ones which made to show how tough your pooch is there are thousands to choose from.

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