Patio Covers And Other Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

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Patio CoversWhen the summer months come around it’s always extra important to have a place in your yard where you can get out of the sun.  Being protected from UV rays is actually a must since it they have been linked to causing deadly skin cancer.  But it’s also just very important so that you can enjoy your garden or patio whenever you feel like it.

Patio Covers Always Please

A patio cover usually is attached to the side of your house with support beams in front to hold it up.  These are typically more permanent structures that are made from wood, metal, or even metal that is made to look like wood.  Vinyl is also a popular choice nowadays since it doesn’t require any maintenance by the homeowner.  With one of these you can step right out of your home and into the shade.

A Patio Enclosure Means No Bugs

Want to stay out of the sun while chilling out on you patio? If so, a patio enclosure is a smart way to go.  One of the biggest benefits of this type of structure is that while it does protect you from the sun and rain with its roof it also keeps the bugs out.  And as we all know mosquitoes and other biting insects can be a major annoyance, and many types even carry diseases and viruses that can be quite scary.  With screens on all sides you and your guests will be kept safe and able to converse without the risk of any itchy bites and bumps.

Gazebos Never Disappoint

We’ve all heard of gazebos, but how many of us have actually considered one?  Today you don’t have to worry about paying a contractor to come to your house and build one. Of course you can get one to do this if you want, but many people opt for the much cheaper and just as good looking kits that are all over the market.  A lot of these can even look very modern in style if that’s what you are looking for. Those with an aluminum frame are especially well-known for this, and look stunning in black.

Pergolas Unique Roofing That Can Be Used To Grow

While these have been around since ancient times, not all homeowners are sure what they are.  Like gazebos they have no walls so you can take full advantage of cool breezes, but in contrast they do not have a solid roof.  The top of the structure is actually covered by slats instead.  This not only looks fantastic and blocks the sun much more than you could imagine, but also is an excellent place to grow all of your favorite climbing plants and vines.  Some pergola fans use them to grow roses while others even plant grapes that will eventually cover the top and provide tasty treats when in season.  Of course what you can plant depends on where you live.

Shade Sails Keep The Sun At Bay

Sometime also known as canvas patio covers they are one attractive choice you can’t afford to forget about.  In fact they look just like the sails used on sailboats with their triangular shape.  Usually they are attached at their three points to trees, your house, supports or all three and will really add some style while blocking out the sun at the same time.  If you don’t want to spend too much but still want to cover a large area these could be just what you need.  When it comes to covering swimming pools they are also one of the top choices because they work so well and look so good.

Use Your Natural Shade? It Could Be An Easy Option

You may not have to go out and purchase a structure after all. If you naturally have trees growing on your property that can provide a shady place to relax you can often get by for much less.  When this is the case you may want to check out hammocks that can be attached to the trees themselves. Many of these are only a few dollars. There are also a wide array of free standing options as well that can be moved or repositioned whenever you feel like it.  You might even be able to get away with a lounge chair or two that you already own for you and your guests.

For maximum comfort no matter how strong the sun, be sure to keep these options in mind.  They will all keep you cool so you can have fun in your outdoor space whenever you feel like it.  The one you choose will depend not only on your personal preference but on what specifically your needs are.  But don’t forget to look at the landscape features your yard has already as you might be able to get by without spending any cash.