Places Which Are Must Visit in Your Tour to Northern Vietnam

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Situated in the small strip near the Malaysian Peninsula in the south East Asia, the country of Vietnam astonishes tourists with its natural beauty and heritage. The country has a lot to offer starting from lush green rice fields to beautiful sea beaches, captivating hill stations and lots of ancient monuments depicting the culture of the country. Specially the North of Vietnam is one of the great places to explore, and the north will promise you with a variety of weather and views.

North Vietnam

The country and its geo diversity

Vietnam shares its boundaries with Laos and Cambodia at the west and China at the north. Through the east, stretches the South China Sea. The mountains in Vietnam are shared between Laos and Cambodia, and thus bringing in a very natural and interesting geographic and climatic diversity in the country. There is the beach climate at the east, the rugged mountains at the North West, and then the lush green and fertile paddy fields at the north. The country, still improving and trying to forget the blows of the Vietnamese war, has come across 40 years since that time, and is now a seat of development and tourism both.

Tour to North Vietnam

Foreigners seeking to tours to North Vietnam must try to cover these beautiful landscapes in the North, and they are:

Hanoi– Hanoi is the Capital city of Vietnam, and this city demonstrates the current lifestyle and economy of the nation. Surrounded with heritage monuments and nice buildings the city offers heritage and urban life both.

Ninh Binh– This place is famous for its natural beauty. Beautiful landscapes with hilly terrain and green meadows, and the river flowing amidst the valley are what make Ninh Binh so special. The city of Hoa Lu, and Tam Koc are two tourist spots worth a visit.

Sapa– The tribal and minorities, the beautiful sceneries, cool weather and mountains and fascinating nature makes Sapa city. Tourists can rent a motorbike and explore the city and suburbs, and places like the Fanispan, and Lao Cai village etc.

Ha Long Bay– Made of small and big islands around the Ha Long City, the area is full of mountainous islands. Here fishermen inhabits many of these islands and have made their houses on rafts over the bay. This is a spectacular view, and many ships offers cruises on the bay to view this. You cam also view it on a place or helicopter.

travel place

There are many more interesting travel places in North Vietnam like Mai Chau, Lang Son, Son La, Cao Bang, Moc Chau, Ha Giang, Bac Ha and Dien Bien Phu, and every place demands tourist attention foe it’s culture, heritage, natural beauty and scenic landscapes.